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February 5, 2011


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:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow: Welcome to the Character Creation Journal For #FairyTailFantasy :bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletorange:

In order to create a character, there are several items that need to be discussed.

:bulletblack:CHARACTER RESTRICTIONS:bulletblack:
-First off, due to Fairy Tail revolving around Magic, just about any kind of magic can be used. If you can think it up and explain it well enough in words for an admin to understand, you're good.

-No magic, however, that is inherently God-mod, such as immortality, invincibility, etc., will be allowed. Everything has a weakness, and YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION.

-Please, oh PLEASE, don't make any Mary-Sues. Make your characters realistic in their actions and personality. Don't go saying that their entire family was killed in cold blood, and making them completely cheerful ALL THE TIME. Have them make sense.

-Your character sheet should reflect hard work and effort; it should be detailed and make sense. Your character will be the bridge to the rest of the Fairy Tail Universe in the room, so there should be no half-assed sheets submitted. If there are, then you WILL BE ASKED to work harder. But do keep in mind that length doesn't equate to effort, spelling, grammar, originality, and plain thought all count too.

-There are several LIMITED types of magic. First are DRAGON SLAYERS. Dragon Slayer magic is very powerful, and will only be given to those who are deemed capable of wielding it without Godmodding. Second, please don't use magic from the arc that is currently occurring. Wait until the arc is finished and we know all about the magic before making any characters. Celestial gates magic is limited. If you make a gates user, the zodiac keys are non-existent in this universe. Instead, you can have custom keys that summon other powerful beasts.

-Give your character strengths and weaknesses based on their rank. A rookie in a guild would NOT have the same powered magic as an S ranked mage.

-No animals, or any type of creature other than humans. Period.

-You only need a single approval from an admin in order to rp, but please, don't start rping BEFORE you're accepted. It'd be a good idea to let your guild master have a look at the sheet as well. Also, admins, please POST your approval in a comment on their sheet in order give hard evidence of your approval.

-A piece of advice: give your character a theme, and several quirks. A theme helps tie the character together, and quirks make RPing a whole lot more fun.

:bulletblack:The Character Template:bulletblack:
You don't have to use this exact formatting, but please include everything shown. Also, please copy it down into a journal entry, and post the link as a comment. This will save space, and it will be easier to edit your character upon a promotion or if changes need to be made.

Personal Information
Name: (Simple enough)
Nickname/Alias/Title: (Here goes nicknames, aliases, or titles. Self-explanatory)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Age: (Nobody would recruit a toddler to a guild, and please keep the age reasonable. No 500 year olds please)
Physical Appearance: (General information about your character including hair color, facial features, eye color, body build, height, weight, etc.)
Accessories: (Clothing, and anything else that they wear that isn't attached to their body. If it could count as a weapon, leave it until said section)
Personality: (Please be detailed and specific. Try to match it with the history so it makes sense)
Likes: (Self explanatory)
Dislikes: (Self explanatory)
History: (Please, dear god, PLEASE be detailed. Tell everything you can think of that was important in their lives before the present day. It should be at least a dozen sentences, longer if your character is older)

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: (Dragon slayer magic, Celestial Gates, Ex-quip, etc. Give your magic an original, creative name)
Magic Type: (Elemental, supplementary, etc.)
Magic Description: (DETAILED description of what exactly your magic is. If you are using a canon type of magic, then give a link to the Fairy Tail Wiki page)
Magic Techniques: (Special techniques using your character's magic)
SAMPLE POST: (A sample post in which you show how your magic would work. It's optional, but it WILL help explain if your magic is complicated)
Guild: (What guild are you going to join? If you're remaining unaffiliated, state so)
Weapons: (Any weapons your character is in possession of)
Strengths: (What is your character good at? What makes them a good fighter?)
Weaknesses: (What could your opponent possibly do to defeat your character in battle? Must be exploitable weaknesses)
Magic Value: (Look below)
Physical Value: (For now, don't worry about this value. It will be detailed on in the character improvement journal. You get 2 numbers, a magic value and a physical value. They relate to your character's combat capabilities. You receive a total of 10 points as a newbie, and you can dish these points out to each stat. You have to give at least one in each category, and it basically determines your strength in that area. It will be detailed further in the Character Improvement Journal)
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Yetitom98462 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Personal Information
Name: Akume
Nickname/Alias/Title: The demon
Sex: female
Age: unknown
Physical Appearance: Akume has long white hair which goes down to the middle of her back. She keeps it down and rarely styles it. Akume has piercing blue eyes and a long scar going from her right eye to her neck. Akume has a very attractive figure, being the desired hourglass figure with large breasts, a slim waist and very wide hips. Akume has long legs which help her to run faster as well. 
Accessories: Akume wears a dark maroon tank top and black leggings with dark combat boots. Akume also wears a long white coat which is more like a cloak as it simply sits on her shoulders and is tied around the front to stop it from blowing away.
Personality: Akume is very playful, until the situation demands her to change. She can go from smiling and joking to deadly serious in less than a second. Akume is fiercely loyal to anyone she meets and especially to other beings capable of using fire. Akume will never back down from a challenge once its been issued.
Likes: Fire, doing work, serving her master, strong opponents.
Dislikes: arrogance, greed, people who take advantage of others.

History: Akume started life as a young man whose name was unknown, not much is none about Akume before he met Natsu Dragneel. What is known is that he was kidnapped one day and transformed into a demon capable of changing bodies should his current form become destroyed. Akume managed to escape the ones who'd captured him but his body began to age so rapidly that if you met him one week and then saw him the next, it'd look like he'd aged by about 3 years. This meant that Akume's original body was soon lost as it got so unstable that it just shut down. This caused Akume's body to release small blue embers, these embers where how he could assume another form. However Akume hates using this technique as it cannot create a new form for Akume, instead it makes Akume take over the body of a suitable host. This is how Akume came to be in the form he is known, after his original body was destroyed and the embers released, he took over the form of a beautiful young woman whose name was lost forever as whenever Akume took over a host that person's existence is wiped out, their name and memories... gone. Akume has spent that time since adjusting to being in a female body. 
During Akume's travels he ran into some wizards from Fairy Tail. This turned out to be Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss during their youth. It was during this time that Akume's life was saved by Natsu and Lisanna as Akume still didn't have full control over her magic and she was attacked by a pack of forest vulcans. Natsu and Lisanna quickly came to her aid and defeated the vulcans, and since then Akume had pledged her life to Natsu, stating that she'd serve him till either one of them died. Of course Natsu had no clue what that meant and Akume continued on her travels in order to improve her magic so that she'd be of more use to Natsu. During her travels she heard the stories about Fairy Tail and all that Natsu had achieved, she knew that her decision that day had been a good one. 
Akume spent so long trying to improve her skills that Natsu completely forgot about her, and when she showed up at Fairy Tail just before the S-Cass exams, Natsu had no clue who she was. Akume then decided to hang around Fairy Tail, before she heard about the events of Tenrou Island. After learning of their disappearance Akume stayed with Fairy Tail, she never became a member but she defended Fairy Tail's honor over the 7 years as she awaited her masters return.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Fire demon slayer magic
Magic Type: Lost magic, Elemental, Caster
Magic Description: Fire demon slayer magic is a variant of Demon Slayer magic, used for slaying flame demons. This magic grants Akume the abilities of a fire demon and she can consume flames in order to replenish her strength and heal her wounds. Akume is also able to consume both dragon slayer and god slayers flames. Akume's flames are a brilliant blue colour.
Magic Techniques: Fire demons Rage, Fire demons muscle (Akume surrounds herself in flames which boost her physical strength), Fire demons burning razor (She holds her hands together, flames building between them before she releases the flames as a razor sharp disc), Fire demons burrow (Akume covers herself in flames before diving underground, unleashing pillars of flames all around the area), Fire demons burning orbit (She holds her hands above her head, a huge ball of fire builds above her before she swipes her hands down, unleashing the ball of flames which splits into many smaller balls of fire that rain down around Akume) Fire demons nails (She covers her hands or feet in flames and hits her opponent with them), Fire demon blazing bow (She creates a bow out of her flames before launching several arrows towards her target), Fire demons blazing staff (She creates a staff out of her flames), Fire demons blazing scythe (She creates a flaming scythe) and Fire demons Apocalypse (See sample post)
SAMPLE POST: (Akume faces her opponent, her flames covering her as she assumes a wide stance, arms out at her sides, her flames begin to concentrate behind her as a magic circle appears, before a huge demon made of flames appeared behind her as it attacks her opponent)
Guild: none
Weapons: none
Strengths: Akume has enhanced abilities due to her being a demon. She has enhanced stamina, strength, speed and she heals faster.
Weaknesses: Akume, despite being difficult to defeat, is not invincible, she has little to no long ranged attacks and her opponents can exploit this to defeat her.
MysteriousVi Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  New member
Name: Jack Sharp
Nickname/Alias/Title: Gunslinger
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Physical Appearance: Shoulder length black hair with gray highlights, brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, height 6'7 and an average body build.
Accessories: A black fur trench coat, black trousers, black leather boats, a black cowboy hat and a black eye patch on his left eye.
Personality: He is very smart, always thinking tactically and quickly when needed and extremely serious when it comes to work. However, he can have a sense of humor at times. 
Likes: Loyalty to friends and guild, a challenge, smart people.
Dislikes: Betraying friends and guild, cocky people, sore losers.
History: He was born into a poor family of air magic users. His father forced him to train in air magic which Jack refused to always ending in a beating from his father. His older siblings would bully him each day during air magic practice. One day after his 8th birthday he ran away to the nearby woods, it was one of the best decisions he has made. He ran for miles before finding a cabin in the woods. It was inhabited by a man who was named Remus, an old guns mage. Remus taught Jack everything to know about guns magic. Jack trained intensely for nine years and became an expert. One day, the military kidnapped Jack thinking he was a criminal. They sent him to a prison with other children. Most children were like him; not criminals. The people who were not criminals gathered in the barracks to discuss an escape plan. Jack led and mostly planned the escape. The next day the escape plan took place. It was successful. Sadly, Jack never seen the escapees ever again. Jack then, at the age of 17, trained alone for four years. On his 21st birthday he decided to join a guild. The guild he chose was Fairy Tail.

Magic Name: Guns magic
Magic Type: Holder magic
Magic Description:…
Magic Techniques: Bullet rain, rocket storm, grenade shot and lightning snipe.
Guild: Fairy tail
Weapons: Magic pistols, magic assault rifle, magic rocket launcher and magic sniper.
Strengths: Never misses a shot
Weaknesses: If taunted he will get mad and miss easy shots.
Magic Value: 7
Physical Value: 3
diamondswordgirl17 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Hope I get in!
diamondswordgirl17 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Name: Nozomi Aeriette
Nickname/Alias/Title: Rose Dragon
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Physical Appearance: Long pale pink hair that fades into a deep red at the ends, one icy blue eye and one deep pink, height 6'7 weight 160 pounds, very feminine figure, overall in pretty great shape, X-shaped scar across the bridge of her nose, 3 giant scars across her back
Accessories: Magenta tank top cutting off before her midriff, lime green half-jacket with sleeves cuffed at her elbows, deep brown belt with a bag on the right side and a key ring on the left, lime green miniskirt cutting off at her high thigh, tall brown boots going to her knees
Personality: She is very smart and cold. She is one of the quieter members of her guild, though being very strong. She is very elegant, regardless of her amazing strength. She can be quite sarcastic at times, and is not afraid to stand up for herself or her friends
Likes: Any animals, getting stronger, the dark, winter, roses, cherry blossoms, quiet walks in a forest, the night sky
Dislikes: Death, finding an enemy too strong for her to defeat, animal cruelty, being lied to, being forced to battle someone she doesn't want to, Xero
History: She was born to a very wealthy family that was hated by most in the area. Her parents were very cruel to her, and usually beat her, which was where she got the scars across her back. She ran away once and found a mysterious ring of keys, discovering that she had a special magic ability to use the keys to transform into different beasts. When she was found out by her parents, she was severely punished, and before they were done she ended up morphing into what is known as the Rose Dragon, Sakura. She entered an uncontrollable rage, and ended up killing her parents and burning down her home. Now wanted, she fled the crime scene and made a home for herself. She trained herself to control her magic, and was successful after 3 long years, discovering all the Transformations she could take on with each of her keys. Once she was strong enough, she decided to join a guild. She was traveling and soon found Xero, a young man who she fell in love with. The two of them traveled together, trying to find a guild. She found that Xero had very strong magic he called Luna Magic. He said that he could harness the power of the moon and use that power to create amazing weapons. After 2 years of traveling with Xero, the two parted ways as she traveled toward Fairy Tail. She joined the guild and stayed there until Xero took the guild under siege by the command of the guild he had joined. She was forced to fight him, regardless of if she wanted to or not. She discovered a new form she could unlock without her keys, called the Blood Code. It allowed her to transform into a powerful magic being known as an Aura Knight and use re-quip magic to use very powerful weapons, her favorite being her Fairy Scythe, a scythe being entirely composed of light. She used her newfound Transformation to try and take down Xero, accidentally killing 3 S-Class wizards from Fairy Tail in the process. Because of this, she was banned from Fairy Tail. She was forced out onto the streets again, but she was able to somehow get into Lamia Scale for a while. She was, however, accused of trying to kill all of the members, and was therefore kicked out again. She went through all of the guilds in Magnolia, again being accused of killing the other members. She was sick of trying, but still needed jobs. She was able to get someone to take her out jobs for part of her pay, saying she'd rather not show her guild mark because of where it was. She was able to make a living with this job transfer, and decided to try and make her own guild. She ran into Xero again, and he used his Luna Magic on her, trying to kill her as his orders said. She managed to survive, but she gained her X-shaped scar. Afterwards, she kept her life going, usually using her Aura Knight Transformation, as well as her Rose Dragon Transformation. She gained her pink eye by using her Transformations enough times.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Key-Powered Beast Transformation
Magic Type: Item-Holder
Magic Description: Her Beast Transformation magic allows her to transform into any beast her keys allow (Exceptions being Sakura and Aura Knight, which she can use without her keys). Her keys indicate which beast she can transform into. Her keys allow her to Transform into a Minotaur, Siren, Phoenix, Griffin, Abaia, Airavata, Ahklut, Alphyn, and Amarok. Her non-key Transformations are the Rose Dragon Sakura, a dragon who uses a sort of green fire and razor cherry blossom petals and her Aura Knight Transformation, giving her strong armor and a vast selection of re-quipable weapons. She personally favors an indestructible scythe known as the Fairy Scythe.
SAMPLE POST: I was standing in front of a powerful monster I had been sent to kill. I quickly grasped my ring of Keys and chose my Amarok Key. I unlocked the Amarok Gate, and was wrapped in a blinding pale pink light. As I emerged, my giant wolf-like body lingered, ready to strike at a moment's notice.
Magic Techniques: Many transformations that give her a vast number of abilities
Guild: None at the moment. She is working on making her own
Weapons: She has many weapons ready at her disposal in her Aura Knight form, but her favorite of these is her trusty Fairy Scythe. This giant scythe is made entirely of pure light, but is strong regardless. She has many other weapons with her in her Aura Knight form. In her human form, she carries a dagger with her.
Strengths: She is very strong when it comes to taking down enemies that she really wants to fight. She is also strong when it comes to protecting her allies. In her human form and her Aura Knight form, she is very skilled with weapons, so they are not a problem to her.
Weaknesses: When she doesn't want to fight or when she is facing someone she has strong enough feelings for, she will immediately weaken her powers. She is also easily wounded by weapons in her beast forms. 
Magic Value: 8
Physical Value: 2
Alice777777 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  New member

Name: Amelia Oceanbreaker
Nickname/Alias/Title: Aqua solider

Sex: female
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: Blonde long silky hair, cobalt blue eyes, freckles, height 5’2 weight 122 pounds, overall in pretty good shape
Accessories: Light aqua shirt with a small V neck. A s=thigh high skirt with shorts under it, she has a ocean blue boot that  go half way up her calves, with long white socks
Personality: She helps anyone she fells deserves it and when she finds the people that will always be there for her she will protect them with her life.
Likes: singing, animals, and family
Dislikes: pain, suffering, Arlex
History: She grew up not knowing her parents, only the people she was with on the tower of heaven. Every so often she would see Jallal but never became close friends. When everyone was taking over the island and getting away. The boats including the one she was on exploded. She never found out why and didn’t care at the time. Because she was catapulted into the ocean from the force of the explosion. She thought she would die when she was saved by the dragon Acnologia. Acnologia raised her and taught her how to use Ocean dragon slayer magic. When Acnologia went and started destroying everything Amelia was wandering around a lot. When she stopped wandering she was in the city of Mavalton. In Mavlton she met a guy named Arlex. At first they were great friends and later became quit close. Unfortunately Arlex slowly became evil. At first he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Amelia but later he would do anything to get her to stay when she started asking him to be kinder to everyone. Finally she was able to get away at night while he was sleeping. She ran for hours until she found Magnolia along with fairy tail. From her entire backstory she never really got sad because in her heart she knew she would find a family that she can count on.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Ocean dragon slayer
Magic Type: water
Magic Description: Ocean dragon slayer is like any other dragon slayer magic but its water. in front of MOST attaches you say like fire dragon roar or something and you can drink/eat any kind of liquid to make yourself stronger. (kind you can’t eat: blood saliva any other bodily fluids.)
Magic Techniques: Amelia knows a very powerful Ocean dragon slayer called ocean dragon slayer secret art ultimate tsunami.
SAMPLE POST: There I was in the training room against an A.I. (artificial intelligence)the magic that the A.I. had was ice make so as it began to use ice make cannon I jumped into the air and used Ocean dragon slayer talon. I landed directly on its head with immense power. When I got back on the floor I say that I broke the A.I..
Guild: Fairy tail
Weapons: none
Strengths: Amelia is best fighting when protecting those she loves or fells does not deserve pain.
Weaknesses: During battle she can be beaten when her friends are at risk or she is fighting those she fells close to or don’t deserve pain.
Magic Value: 7

Physical Value: 3

Victory149 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
I've got a good idea for a character, but to be honest, I don't quite understand how this system works. What should I do?
tonyvilla22 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Zarmend Gonstoreth
Nickname: Extinction
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Physical appearance: Spiky black hair, Blue eyes, Height: 6,4 Weight:145
Accesories: Grey bro_tank , Black shorts, black shoes
Personality: Nice, Chatterbox, Loyal, Sympathetic, Helpful, Caring
Likes: Laying in the grass, Hanging with friends,
Dislikes:Mean people, Bullies, Spiders, Gray
History: Lost control of power at age of 5 and killed both parents and 3 siblings. Found refuge at Fairy Tail and Makarov helps with power issues. Typically stays alone until he meets gray and natsu. Power is fueled by emotions and when he sees weaker people or his friends get hurt ALOT he goes into a state of frenzy. In this state he is powerful and doesnt understand anyone.
Also kinda weird. Learned magic from Demon of darkness at age 3-4. Has alot of fairy tail pride.

Magic Name: Arc of darkness
Magic Type: Draws power from emotion and pulls it into self magic
Magic techniques: Shadow Ball, Dark array, Arc of Darkness secret art Utter Nothingness, Shield of shadows, Black spike bombardment, Slice of sorrow, 
Ark of darkness secret art Requiem's end, Dark arc form
Magic description: Black and purple magic circle above and below while casting
Guild: Fairy Tail
Stregnth: Fighting with friends makes him more powerful but distracted. Seeing friends hurt (frenzy mode) . Death of a friend.
Weakness: Insects, Dirty stuff, holding back because he doesnt want to lose control.
fairytail425 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Maya starfall
Nickname: tinker
Sex: female
Age: 14
Physical appearance: white hair blue eyes height 5.8
Weight 104
Accessories: white tank top with yellow shorts shirt tucked in blue shoes
Personality: nice and motivated unless some one is messing with her friends
Likes: tinkering her friends and music
Dislikes people messing with her friends
History: Maya has a moto to always smile even if the day throws the worst at ya. Maya had a dad he was an inventor. Her dad would never spend time with her. He would always be working that Made her sad. She began to tinker on weapons she found old rusty ones. That was at age 7 that all changed when that fire started burned down the house but she was the only one to escape thanks to her dad he saved her. So she knew that he still remembered her. So she cried and smiled at the same time. She began to walk around eventually finding fairy tail and joining.

Magic Name: Requip magic
Magic type requips weapons
Magic techniques: requips a hammer swords guns or her personally made scythe
Magic description: white magic circle then she requips
Guild: fairy tail
Strengths: fighting beside friends makes her stronger and more confident. And food she can't fight on an empty stomach
Weaknesses: running out of magic energy. Losing friends. Fire magic brings back the memory. Seeing a spider
Hope you accept mine 😄 email:
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