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:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow: Welcome to the Character Creation Journal For #FairyTailFantasy :bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletorange:

In order to create a character, there are several items that need to be discussed.

:bulletblack:CHARACTER RESTRICTIONS:bulletblack:
-First off, due to Fairy Tail revolving around Magic, just about any kind of magic can be used. If you can think it up and explain it well enough in words for an admin to understand, you're good.

-No magic, however, that is inherently God-mod, such as immortality, invincibility, etc., will be allowed. Everything has a weakness, and YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION.

-Please, oh PLEASE, don't make any Mary-Sues. Make your characters realistic in their actions and personality. Don't go saying that their entire family was killed in cold blood, and making them completely cheerful ALL THE TIME. Have them make sense.

-Your character sheet should reflect hard work and effort; it should be detailed and make sense. Your character will be the bridge to the rest of the Fairy Tail Universe in the room, so there should be no half-assed sheets submitted. If there are, then you WILL BE ASKED to work harder. But do keep in mind that length doesn't equate to effort, spelling, grammar, originality, and plain thought all count too.

-There are several LIMITED types of magic. First are DRAGON SLAYERS. Dragon Slayer magic is very powerful, and will only be given to those who are deemed capable of wielding it without Godmodding. Second, please don't use magic from the arc that is currently occurring. Wait until the arc is finished and we know all about the magic before making any characters. Celestial gates magic is limited. If you make a gates user, the zodiac keys are non-existent in this universe. Instead, you can have custom keys that summon other powerful beasts.

-Give your character strengths and weaknesses based on their rank. A rookie in a guild would NOT have the same powered magic as an S ranked mage.

-No animals, or any type of creature other than humans. Period.

-You only need a single approval from an admin in order to rp, but please, don't start rping BEFORE you're accepted. It'd be a good idea to let your guild master have a look at the sheet as well. Also, admins, please POST your approval in a comment on their sheet in order give hard evidence of your approval.

-A piece of advice: give your character a theme, and several quirks. A theme helps tie the character together, and quirks make RPing a whole lot more fun.

:bulletblack:The Character Template:bulletblack:
You don't have to use this exact formatting, but please include everything shown. Also, please copy it down into a journal entry, and post the link as a comment. This will save space, and it will be easier to edit your character upon a promotion or if changes need to be made.

Personal Information
Name: (Simple enough)
Nickname/Alias/Title: (Here goes nicknames, aliases, or titles. Self-explanatory)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Age: (Nobody would recruit a toddler to a guild, and please keep the age reasonable. No 500 year olds please)
Physical Appearance: (General information about your character including hair color, facial features, eye color, body build, height, weight, etc.)
Accessories: (Clothing, and anything else that they wear that isn't attached to their body. If it could count as a weapon, leave it until said section)
Personality: (Please be detailed and specific. Try to match it with the history so it makes sense)
Likes: (Self explanatory)
Dislikes: (Self explanatory)
History: (Please, dear god, PLEASE be detailed. Tell everything you can think of that was important in their lives before the present day. It should be at least a dozen sentences, longer if your character is older)

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: (Dragon slayer magic, Celestial Gates, Ex-quip, etc. Give your magic an original, creative name)
Magic Type: (Elemental, supplementary, etc.)
Magic Description: (DETAILED description of what exactly your magic is. If you are using a canon type of magic, then give a link to the Fairy Tail Wiki page)
Magic Techniques: (Special techniques using your character's magic)
SAMPLE POST: (A sample post in which you show how your magic would work. It's optional, but it WILL help explain if your magic is complicated)
Guild: (What guild are you going to join? If you're remaining unaffiliated, state so)
Weapons: (Any weapons your character is in possession of)
Strengths: (What is your character good at? What makes them a good fighter?)
Weaknesses: (What could your opponent possibly do to defeat your character in battle? Must be exploitable weaknesses)
Magic Value: (Look below)
Physical Value: (For now, don't worry about this value. It will be detailed on in the character improvement journal. You get 2 numbers, a magic value and a physical value. They relate to your character's combat capabilities. You receive a total of 10 points as a newbie, and you can dish these points out to each stat. You have to give at least one in each category, and it basically determines your strength in that area. It will be detailed further in the Character Improvement Journal)
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Tetrapirate99 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
Personal Information
Name: Keito Takahashi
Title: Bearer of Wind
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Physical Appearance: Wavy Blonde Hair with a couple of pink streaks, bright turquoise eyes, and 5'7.
Accessories: She wears a short frilly dress, kind of like Mira's but is purple and a very light blue. She wears knee high brown boots with black and white knee high socks that are all torn up. She has fingerless black gloves, a purple bracelet made out of string and a necklace with a blue gem at the center.
Likes: Fighting, Drawing, Reading and Decorating literally ANYTHING.
Dislikes: Horror, Being in the dark alone, and Monkeys.
History: Her father left when she was 3 years old and lived with her mother until she was 14 years old, when her mother got very sick and died. She wandered around the woods until she was found by a young girl named Wendy, who was left alone as well. They befriended each other and walked farther into the woods, until they had found a dragon. The dragon taught them every thing she knew then mysteriously left them. Wendy left Keito to join a guild and Keito still wandered the forest again at 16 years old, until she found Fairy Tail.

Magic Name: The Wind/Sky Dragon Slayer (Kind of the same as Wendy's)
Magic Type: Wind Magic
Magic Description: Wind Magic is probably exactly as you think. She uses the wind around her to direct it at her target and shoot it at her opponent. Not many wizards can do this because it takes years of practice and focus.
Magic Techniques: Sky Dragon Roar, in which is the same stance as Natsu's but instead of Fire, wind shoots out. Sky Dragon Wings, which isn't actually wings but instead gives her a boost in which ever way she directs her focus of magic at.
Guild: Fairy Tail (Her sign is on her leg, like Juvia's but is pink like Lucy's.
Weapons: Spear, in which she keeps on her back. She uses it almost all of the time and in spite of using her magic very well, she is also very good with her spear.
Strengths: Very Good with her spear, very good with her wind magic, and also is very strong in just kicking in general.
Weaknesses: Any form of water or Ice magic.
Magic Value: 6
Physical Value: 6
CrimsonWolf3323 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Nashuna Kira
Title: 3D Fury
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: long white hair, left eye blue right eye red, 6 feet tall, very curvy, roundish-soft looking face.
Accessories: she wears knee high black boots, jean shorts that go to around mid thigh, large black baggy hoodie, dark shadowy blue dragon necklace with silver chain.
Personality: really shy at first but once you get to know her she is really nice and kind hearted but can be terrifying when someone hurts someone that she cares about.
Likes: horror movies, gaming, books, hacking, camping, fighting and any type of weapon( she literally has a hole room full of weapons)
Dislikes:  romantic movies, lectures, being alone for long periods of time and pictures
History:  when she was 3 she got kidnapped and tortured for 4 years then the people that kidnapped her let her go when she was 7 and left her to die in the forest, that's when a dragon found her and raised her.  when her dragon left she was around 11.  when she was 13 she found out about fairy tail and joined, becoming friends with erza, natsu and mirajane very quickly after she joined.
Magic Name: Dragon slayer 1st gen
Magic Type: red and blue electricity (3D electricity)
Magic Description: 3D electricity is kind of like telekinesis so it can levitate things,  it can also fire off blast of energy witch can electrocute the enemy.  she can also float around using it.  it only hurts the people she see as an enemy. 
Magic Techniques: 3D wings-give her wings that she can fly with, 3D bomb-a ball of energy which only explodes when her triggers it, 3D dragon fist, 3D electric shock-shocks the enemy leaving them paralyzed, 3D beat down-hundreds of electric fists go flying at the enemy.  
Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: 3 blue and gold throwing knives, 2 black and red daggers and one white and red dragon syth.( these are the weapons that she keeps on her at all times)
Strengths: very good a karate/ street fighting, is extremely good with her weapons.
Weaknesses: water magic of any kind,  hitting her in the right side(because when she was kidnapped they broke her ribs and never fixed properly)
Magic Value:4
Physical Value: 6
natsudrageel10000 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  New Deviant Student Artist
Name: normageneration a meck name: tiny heart
sex: female
age : 16 and a half
appearance : short girl 5f2 big breast long brown hair scar on her neck 120ibs
accessories: shorts shirts sneakers
personality : shy strong always been there for the guilt when needed
like: fairy tail hanging out with friends
dislikes: anyone who hate fairy tail

history : norma was a orphan her family was murdered when she was 5 in front of her own eyes that's how she got the scar on her neck she met Sara a fire dragon slayer 1st generation she taught her everything she needs to be a good person then on July 7 year x777 sara was gone norma was sad that she left her without saying anything to her. 11 and a half years later she was found by fairy tail she was walking around magnolia she was walking for 3 days without no food you water then she found a sign called fairy tail she opened the door and she passed out.
Magic: 1st generation dragon slayer
guilt: fairy tail got the tattoo on her right shoulder like natsu red
weakness: alone
magic value: 8
physical value :2
TheFancyNarwhalZ Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015  New Deviant

Name: Zachary Crank
Title: Diesel
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: Very light blue hair (shaped like Laxus's, One long scar across left eye that ends just before the mouth, gray eyes, medium build slightly muscular, 5'11", 150ibs
Accessories: Gajeel style pants, grey and black jacket (Edolas Natsu style) (gray flames, blue jacket), sleveless gray shirt, goggles (Jet style) on forehead, light blue running shoes with gray soles
Personality: Lonley, trys to optomistic, firce whenever it comes to fighting, loves his few friends more than anything, loyal, intellegent, determined, and lazy when it isn't a job or fight
Likes: friends, pickles, and his guild
Dislikes: evil and candy corn
History: Zachary was a boy when his city was attacked by celestial wizards gone rouge as they destroyed more and more of the town a very old and wise archive wizard saw hope in a young boy he had seen before in the city running around playfully with other children but he saw that this one was different, the old man could sense strong magic capabilites in this boy, seeing hope he knocked the boy unconcious bestowing onto him a hidden area that lived a dragon in solitary, when the boy awoke he saw a destroyed city in front of him with a strong urge to go to an area he had never been before, it took many lonley days to get to the sealed off mountains and nearly dead he collapsed at the door of a cave seeing this a dragon brought him in and cared for him teaching him dragon slayer magic, as the boy grew older he grew in power but one day the dragon vanished leaving a whoe in the boys heart. The young boy began to search for the dragon throughout his years eventually ending up in the Fairy Tail guild with other dragon slayers who had the same dissaperence of dragons as he did.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Motor Dragon slayer magic,
Magic Type: Dragon Slayer magic
Magic Description: gives the user the ability to give their body parts the same qualities as motor vehicles such as boats, cars, jets, ect. The user can have incredible speed with the speed of a car which gives the users's legs the speed of a car to sprint, or great strength in their body with automobiles such as a semi, even flight with a helicopter or any thing such as that.
Magic Techniques: Semi Slam! user slams into the enemy at a great force, Jet Strike! User gains impressive speed and strenth to pierce through an enemy, Auto Speed! user gains extreme speed allowing them to dodge enemy attacks. Auto Flight! User gains the ability to fly. Motor Dragon Roar! Motor dragon slayer's roar, Motor Dragon's Claw, envelops self in a car based mech suit leg for a short time alowing the user to smash into an enemy with great force, Motor Dragon Brilliant Motor! User creates massive ball of motor vehicles and throws it at the enemy exploding on contact, Air Strike! user summons jets and planes to send them flying at the enemy in rapid succesion
SAMPLE POST: (A sample post in which you show how your magic would work. It's optional, but it WILL help explain if your magic is complicated)
Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: None
Strengths: Hand to hand combat, he thrives when friends are hurt (like Natsu)  
Weaknesses: Eat candy corn and use friends as hostages
Magic Value: 7
Physical Value: 3

tensudragknoff Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Tensu dragknoff
Title:Arcane hunter
Physical appearance: jet black spikey hair (simular to natsu's) purple eyes purple fairytail symbol at the top if his right arm average build average height
sex: male
Accessories: scarlet red sarf purple wrist band
personality: tendu is a joker he likes to use his powers to show of often he cant be taken seriously but when his friends are in trouble he'll soon be there to help them out
likes: food using his powers mariko(a previous lover of his) and kazumi his current lover
dislikes: dark guilds monsters and all evil
history:tensu lived a normal life with his family in south magnolia but when he turned 5 a demon destroyed his village killing his family so he ran into the woods to be safe when a big creature fell from the sky. Tensu went to investigate discovering a great big golden beast after awhile it woke and crawled out if the ditch only to tensus suprise it was a king dragon named kilknoff. Kilknoff took in tensu and trained him when one day kilknoff left eith no reason tensu seeked out a guild and joined it.
Magic name: king dragon slayer
magic type: dragon slayer
magic technique: flame thrower weak ice make rick smash lightning bolt
magic description: tensu can weild different elemental forces such as fire ice earth and electricity
Magic value:7
physical value:3

thank you for reading xxx
AlphaSapphire7 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015
Personal Information
Name: Siku
Nickname: Little one
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Physical Appearance: Longish light-brown hair (is up in a pony tail), freckles (on cheeks, under eyes), teal eyes, 5 foot 3 inches tall, 120 pounds, pale skin, light pink Fairy Tale mark on neck
Accessories: Jade-green tee-shirt (short sleeved), light-blue skirt, black boots
Personality: While Siku can be shy, she is also very loyal and sweet once you get to know her. Although she does have a darkish side, she can get very violent when necessary and would do anything for her friends.

Likes: Reading, music, horror (mostly video games, but other things to), chocolate, adventures
Dislikes: Being called names, feeling helpless, seeing her friends in pain/sad

Back story: Siku grew up with her parents and sister in a small village. When she was young she appeared very small and weak, she was constantly bullied for it. Her family never stood up for her, and most times they never even seemed to notice at all. When Siku was only 11 her family perished in a fire. She was found, unconscious, outside the burn building, by a member of Fairy Tale. So she basically grew up in the Guild and was later made a full-fledged member .

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Celestial Gates and Bolt master
Magic Type: Holder magic
Magic Description: lightning-  (Almost, just that Siku has to use her dagger to channel the electricity)

Guild: I'm in Fairy Tale
Weapons: I own a small dagger, just incase
Strengths: Siku is fast and cunning. She always tries to face an enemy/problem logically, that can be a problem if she's super pissed though
Weaknesses: Dark magic and wind magic
Aesalshadow Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  New Deviant Student Traditional Artist
Name: Aesal hall
Alias : Dark dragon
sex:  Male
Age:  14
Physical appearance: short black faded hair, brown eyes, average height, skinny body, black guild mark on right shoulder and is African American.  
Accessories: wears a black hoodie and dark blue jeans.
personality: very serious, he cares deeply for his guild, and his friends. he is very smart and always is good in a fight.
likes: his friends, reading, being alone, darkness
dislikes: jerks, bad guys, and people who underestimate him
history: Born during a lunar eclipse Aesal had always been fascinated with shadows. he then mastered shadow dragon slaying magic. He was the happiest person on earth. until his parents died during a raid. scared he fled to fairytail. He has been a good member ever since. he wants to capture the raiders who killed his parents and is all ways out on jobs to earn money.
magic: shadow dragon slaying  shadow make dragon slaying magic  
 magic type: caster magic
magic description: Aesal can make objects out of shadows which can still pass through everything or hit them.
weapons: none
strengths: Aesal gets stronger the angrier he gets but is hard to calm down. Aesal is also stronger at night 
weakness: light magic
ScarletDarkness337 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Shadow Linkston
Alias: Queen of the shadows
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Physical appearance: Black long straight hair, Hazel brown eyes (Red if mad), average height, normal body, average b's, nice eyes, pretty lips, guild mark is black and is on the right shoulder.
Accessories: Blue heart bracelet
Personality: She's a very serious mage, but caring. When she was a child she was very cheerful (Sometimes having fights with her brother), when she's near a person she loves she acts nice to them, she is a kind mage with a open heart. She is a very intelligent person, always making strategies.
Likes: Friends, family, Laxus and Lyon, music and muffins
Dislikes: Dark guilds and people who piss her off.'
History: She was a young girl who lived in Rose Mary Village with her big brother, when the child hunt began her parents were killed and her brother was captured, she managed to hide. A few years have passed and she met master Macarov during her travels by then she knew magic and Macarov took her in. She met Laxus and the 2 had a friendly rivalry.
Magic: Uses Water dragon slayer, Thunder god slayer, Shadow god slayer, Ice dragon slayer and Light god slayer ( I call Dark repel magic)
Guild rank: S-class
Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: Sword, she uses a sword in a few battles. This sword is known as the Scarlet Blade, it was given as a reward in one of her jobs.
Strenghts: She is very powerful and is known for her great battle technics
Weaknesses: Love, when she's up against a person she loves she is unable to do harm (She is trying her best to get rid of this weakness)
tatyanimelover Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Student General Artist
Name: Krystal Heart
Nickname: doesn't really have one
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Physical Appearance: Pink Hair, and pinkish red eyes, average height (5’0-5’4), very fit good muslces etc, cute and also  shaped body, big b’s and averge size rump, long yet short hair, goddess like eyes aka. Lips face and all Very pretttyyyy. And her guild mark is on is white and on her chest.
Accessories: Has a cute pet named kinala, also has magical tattoos that help her with her magical ability.
Personality: she is very family orientated but she has her focus on a lot of other things than love. she is kind, gentle, nice, and polite, she is very intelligent, and bright and cares alot about her friends, very curious yet mysterious.
Likes: friends, family, and getting things done and being focused, Music, drawing
Dislikes: Death,  Disrespect, and people who are mean to others.

Girl of a small known village, celebrating her birthday happy as she could be she was also the daughter of the chief of the wonderful village, but in an instant her father was assasinated by the organization called the dark shadows and they killed everyone in the village including her mother and her friends very gruesome sight. Luckily she servived the dreadful attack and was captured by the dark shadows and was taken as slaves and was used as weapons were (sold, and bought and ,abused ,beaten starved etc all bad things) very badly. Even when a child died they would sell there bodies for profit. ( very horrible stuff)
Magic: Uses Elemental magic plus light and dark magic ( as i call it renassiance magic) (weird i know  V.v) she can take the energy of any magic user and copy knowlege but that is only for caster magic. she can move things with her mind and uses requip magic as well.
Guild rank: S class
Guild: Fairy Tail
weapons: she uses reniassance whips, sycthes any weapon thats goes with the magic she uses
strengths: very powerful, takes time and dedication into what she is doing, always focused, trys her best to be the best.
weaknesses: hates Death, trys to hard and thats makes her weak , cares about others than her self.

Ausingakong Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015

Name: Tarou Oshiro
Nickname/Alias/Title: The Balloonist
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Physical Appearance: Tarou is quite thin, but is quite muscular and has an average height. He has wavy black hair, with a black, handlebar moustache. His guild mark is on his right cheek.
Accessories: Tarou wears a rainbow, flannel patterned top hat; a colourful, patchy long coat; black t-shirt, pants, socks and gloves; and a pair of rainbow converse shoes.
Personality: Tarou is extremely expressive and loves to create balloon animals for people. He is extremely loud. He loves to laugh and is quick to trust. He is very quick witted and is very empathetic. He doesn’t know when to stop talking and seems to always have something to talk about. Tarou loves music and to have fun and finds it hard to give up. Much like his power, he can quickly bounce back and is very resilient. While his main reason for eating a lot is so that he can always be ready and create balloon bombs, he does like eating for pleasure. His navigation skills are terrible. He loves kids and childish games like hide’n’seek.
Likes: Jokes, Balloon Animals, Food, Music, Dancing, Art, Talking, Kids
Dislikes: Being Alone, People hurting his friends, Clowns, Fire Magic
History: He was born and raised in a circus. His parents gave him to a family friend the moment he was born. The family friend, Yuki, taught him how to use balloon magic, after Tarou showed interest and talent in creating balloon animals. He spent his whole life bringing joy to people of all ages. He went to town to buy a gift for Yuki, but when Tarou returned, the circus was burned down by an unknown group of people with clown masks. Despite searching for days he couldn’t find his friends and family in the rubble, nor could he track down the mysterious clown group. Desperate and poor, he was forced to become a paid assassin. Tarou reluctantly accepted a job from a dark guild, paying him 10,000,000 jewels to defeat and capture all of Fairy Tail. After cleverly and quickly defeating all of the Fairy Tail teams, including the Thunder God Tribe and Team Natsu, he was faced with Makarov. He was surprisingly able to hold his own against Makarov, surprising him by mimicking his Titan spell. But Makarov defeated him and showed mercy, knowing his tragic past. Then Tarou agreed to free and join Fairy Tail. Through other annual events and job requests, he has proven to be one of the strongest members of Fairy Tail, being able to even outsmart S-Class members, Erza and Mirajane.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Balloon Magic, Unison Raid
Magic Type: Caster Magic
Magic Description: Balloon Magic allows the user to create balloon like objects from his/her body. They have complete control over where the balloon goes and when it pops. The user can produce gas from their bodies and put them into the balloons. The can only produce certain types of gas if they have eaten the right food, e.g. spicy food produces gas that creates an intense burning sensation, vegetables produce poison gas, etc. All of the types of gases are flammable/explosive. The gases produces don’t affect the users. The user can use the balloons to trap enemies and can even create a vacuum inside. Any pain, fatigue, or sickness the user is undergoing can be expelled from the body and into a balloon that can be used to pass on the fatigue onto others. This cannot heal physical wounds. While they are balloon like, the objects produced are very strong and can withstand an enormous amount of pressure and sharp objects. The balloons can also contain magic, and can be used against enemies. The magic they capture is completely under their control, being able to hurt dragon slayers with their own attacks. The user’s body are elastic and can stretch. Their bodies can inflate their bones and muscles to help in battle, making them stronger, bigger and more mobile. The elasticity makes their body more resistant to blunt attacks.
Magic Techniques:

    ·         Balloon Bomb: Followed by type of effect e.g. Burn, Sleep (throughs a balloon full of gas with various effects)

    ·         Pain Extract (Blows a balloon filled with his fatigue and pain)

    ·         Pin Cushion (Throws the pain in the balloon at his enemy)

    ·         Balloon Catch (Catches magic, weapons and people in a balloon)

    ·         Muscle/Bone Balloon (Inflates his bone or muscle to make him stronger and bigger, almost like Titan)

    ·         Balloon Twister (Tarou twists his torso tightly in a handstand and releases to attack sporadically with his feet)

    ·         Balloon Pistol (He stretches his arm with extreme speed and hits his opponent)

    ·         Balloon Rapid Fire (Tarou uses Balloon Pistol very quickly)

    ·         Titan Pistol (A combination of Muscle Balloon and Balloon Pistol)

    ·         Titan Rapid Fire ( A combination of Muscle Balloon and Balloon Rapid Fire)

    ·         Helium Flight (He fills his body with a helium like gas he produces)

    ·         Dance God (If unable to use his magic for whatever reason, he will result to using an unpredictable combination of fighting styles such as capoeira, shao lin, drunken fist, kick boxing, etc)

Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: He carries around a staff that can absorb magic and turn into a whip.
Strengths: Unpredictable, incredibly strong for his size, agile, never stops talking
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, quick to trust and forgive, never stops talking

Ausingakong Featured By Owner May 22, 2015

Personal Information
Name: Kiyoshi Wakahisa
Nickname/Alias/Title: Paper Beast
Sex: Male
Age: 16 (technically 6)
Physical Appearance: Kiyo has long(for a guy), black hair with red and blue highlights, swept to the right. He has large, brown eyes. He is reasonably good looking. He is very fit, but not particularly muscular. He is extremely athletic. He is 5ft 8, and weighs 63kg. Kiyo’s mark is on his head, hidden beneath his hair.
Accessories: Kiyo wears a magic, paper cap. He wears a red, hooded jumper that goes down to his knees. Underneath he wears a black T-shirt, brown pants and old, red shoes.
Personality: Kiyo is mostly very happy, and has a very noticeable laugh. He doesn’t talk often. He can be very childish, and gets very confused about the situations he gets himself into. He cares deeply for his friends, and can and will go crazy if they are hurt. He considers his hat to be his most valuable treasure, because it belonged to his creator, a child, before he disappeared. He also has an enormous appetite
Likes: Friends, Origami, His Hat, Meat, Stories, New things, General “Cool” Stuff
Dislikes: Boring people
History: He was created by a prodigy child, to be his best friend. He was created out of the stories in a book and in the child’s mind. Although Kiyo was made from his stories, he apparently has no recollection of his past in the stories, nor can anyone recall of the story he is from. After two years with the prodigy child, learning paper magic from the child. But without explanation, the child vanished. The child post a job request on the wall of Fairy Tail’s job board, requesting them to recruit him, and in big letters, approach with caution. When Natsu, Erza, Gray and Lucy arrive at the location, they find nothing but a small house filled with books, deep in the forest. After observing some of the books, the pages of the books start shooting out a cutting them. Through the paper storm a figure(Kiyo) runs out of the house. After the team stops the paper and goes outside, Kiyo turns almost all of the forest into paper monsters. After they finally capture Kiyo, he breaks down crying on the floor. He agrees to join the guild after convincing from Erza.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Requip, Paper make,
Ushi no Koku Mairi, Paper Devil Slayer Magic
Magic Type: Elemental Magic, Caster Magic, Lost Magic, Holder Magic
Magic Description: Kiyo uses Paper make create layered armour, weapons and living creatures by fusing his blood with it.
Magic Techniques: Kiyo can vibrate the paper from paper magic to create fire, essentially mimicking fire magic. He can also control others by creating a paper figure of them and fusing a piece of their DNA with it. He can turn his body to paper and easily recover from minor wounds by consuming paper/wood. Kiyo can also turn wood into paper. He can teleport between paper that are marked with a special symbol. He can cast almost every type of magic by drawing special marks on paper. Kiyo has the ability to hide within the pages of books, but if the book is damaged, he too is damaged.
SAMPLE POST: (A sample post in which you show how your magic would work. It's optional, but it WILL help explain if your magic is complicated)
Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: Big, Magic Scissor Blades
Strengths: Extremely nimble and is almost impossible to hit, very random and unpredictable attacks, and can adapt to almost any situation
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, Comparably weaker than other wizards

Per448 Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  New Deviant
Personal Information
Name: Calem Umbrus
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: Disorderly dark hair, deep brown eyes. Lean, a bit on the thinner side, and not very muscular.
Accessories: Always seen with a torn, tattered, and wrinkled Black Cloak. Has a belt with several pouches for food, potions (that he makes himself), or other miscelaneous items. Usually dressed simply.
Personality: Calem is extremely distant. It is hard for him to get close to people, and people to him, as he deems himself a bad omen. Despite these thoughts, he tries very hard to protect life and balance, as that is what his father taught him. However, when he does make a friend, Calem is trusting, trustworthy, and firecely loyal, though he isn't sure why. He can be sometimes too honest as he is never without an opinion, and he is quick to scold himself, but much more patient with others.
Likes: Quiet, Travelling, The Friends he does Have, and The Feeling of Progress
Dislikes: Large Crowds and Loud Places, Heights, Feeling Powerless or Underestimated
History: Calem was raised by his Father in a tribe to N.W. of Fiore. There is where he learned his magic, the importance of Balance, Unbalance, and the Soul. Calem studied how the soul connected to the brain and the heart, connecting your actions/reactions, ideals, and emotions, and how that is connected to Magic. Calem also learned that not all are balanced. Like all from his village, Calem spiritually trained his mind, soul, and body (somewhat) to unbalance his soul naturally, favoring darkness, for his magic and his peoples mission, to find those unnaturally unbalanced and stop them in any way necessary, as an unnaturally unbalanced soul meant he was persuaded by some other being, and that was not allowed on Earthland. But the time he left for his hunt, training at his village done, the hunters became the hunted. All those who were there were killed or imprisoned, and Calem unjustly blamed himself, believing it was his eagerness that gave their location away. As the years past, Calem buried this guilt, carring with him the deaths of all of his friends and family, killed by those he was hunting. By the time he was 15, he was the only one left. One day, a nearing a year since he became alone in the world, while fleeing from an unbalanced search party, he came across Team Natsu. The 5 defeated the his pursuers and took him back to their guild, Fairy Tail. He was welcomed happily, but despite this Calem kept his distance, not wanting to hurt them or get them involved. After a rather sudden series of events (writing a fanfic on it, so read that [whenver I start to post it, that is] basically he seals away, using Shadow Seal, the bossman of the unbalanced and his Chaos Magic, but Fairy Tail restores him later after finding a way to beat him, which they do after an epic battle), his secrets were revealed, but Fairy Tail didn't seem to care. On that day, he joined his new family.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Soul Balance Magic: Shadow
Magic Type: Caster/Maker
Magic Description: A type of Magic that can can only be used fully by a user with an unbalanced soul, favoring darkness unlike its twin. With it, Calem can manipulate any form of darkness/shadow he can see. From chains to barriers to weapons, his imagination is the limit. However, his true potential lies in his soul abilities, as most his magic power comes from his soul. Calem channel this dark energy from his soul, giving him some energy and ammo, though this in itself takes energy. These shadows will be stronger then the standard ones, but unfortunately this makes him face his demons more often than one would like, but he can also channel from others souls, but that takes more effort. Calem can see the darkness of another's soul when in contact with them (but they will see what he sees) and even merge his with theirs, granting them access to his magic supply in exchange for sharing his emotional state for a bit.
Magic Techniques:
Shadow Magic: Chains (Chains of Pure Darkness ensnare his opponent);
Shadow Magic: Barrier (A Shield of Solidified Shadow which can be reshaped to the users content);
Shadow Magic: Pillars (a column of Solid Darkness erupts from the Magic Circle which he can manipulate and curve at will). Calem can stand on these if he wants);
Shadow Magic: Blade of Darkness (A Sharp Katana sheathed sheathed in the Shadows);
Shadow Magic: Mimic (Calem has a abundance of Shadow Energy mimic the actions of a limb); Shadow Magic: Gauntlets/Armor (Darkness covers his hands/body like steel armor. Full body armor much harder than standard gauntlets);
Shadow Magic: Coffin (Enclosed Sphere of Shadow Encapsulates a subject, which then Calem can hold it, toss it, bury it, or make it combust);
Shadow Magic: Spikes (Your standard sharp spike); Shadow Magic: Current (Calem controls a forceful stream of water like Shadows around the air)
Shadow Magic: Eruption (Calem slaps his palm on the ground and a powerful blast erupts under the target);
SAMPLE: "Calem give it you best shot, you know this will help." Calem agreed, but he was already so tired.
"Fine..." he paused to take a breath and ready himself, "Shadow Magic: Pillars!" Holding an arm in front of him and channeling his inner darkness, a black magic circle appeared in front of his outstretched palm, which then spawned 3 solid pillars. The columns rapidly sped towards their target rock, smashing into at full force, leaving some of his darkness lingering from the collision.
"Shadow Magic: Spikes!" Calem held out both palms in a simple stance as 3 more circles materialized from the residue of the pillar's collision, and from them 3 wicked sharp spikes impaled the unsuspecting rock.
Secret Art: Shadow Manifestation (Calem can only do this when he has looked into his opponents sins. Those sins form a massive beast from the target's Shadow, with the soul intent on their destruction);
Secret Art: Shadow Purge (A giant destruction laser, which when done absolutely right will obliterate the soul of any contacted. Takes a lot of energy to assimilate and fire, and Calem often has it messing up and exploding in his face, literally. And when it does fire, he never had it with its full effect);
Secret Art: Shadow Seal (Calem seals away the target in an atherial prison using a fragment of his soul as a key. Because of this, Calem will enter an eternal coma until his soul in rejoined whole, but that would also release his prisoner);
Guild: Fairy Tail; Marking: Black, Inner Wrist
Weapons: Calem is a talented potion-maker and carries several everywhere that can restore some Magic Power, cause smokescreens, spontaneously combust, and create a magical wall.
Strengths: Calem is observant, a quick thinker, clever, and adaptable. He can be very determined as has plenty of skill with his magic, which is versatile and powerful. Calem is also capable of holding his with his Shadow Sword or empty hands. Calem is overall extremely tough and can take a hit.
Weaknesses: Calem can easily be flustered when there are too many variables in play and can become stressed easily. He isn't very physically strong, and while he can hold is own in a straight fight, he is still outclassed by many. Calem's magic also can be very taxing at points, though he has trained to get the most out of his magic and carries magic power resoration potions with him always.
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Personal Info
Name: Hunter Cheney
Nickname:The Dragon prince
Age: X777: 8   X791: 15 Current:21
Appearance: Hunter has short black hair and a blue streak down the right side his skin is pale though as a teenager this fades and he has eyes the shade of Blue Flames.
Accessories: Black cape, Dragon scale necklace(Given to him by his foster parent), dark blue glove on right hand
Personality: To most he is usually moody but with his friends he is more carefree than Natsu.
Likes: Things he hasn't seen. Food.
Dislikes: Vehicles,Natsu,Being told what to do
History: During the time the Fairy Tail members where sealed on tenroue Acnologia temporarily remembered his humanity and found a little boy lost in the desert. This boy was hunter. Acnologia looked after the boy like his own son and taught him his style of dragon slayer magic. One day Acnologia disappeared & left Hunter all alone. He eventually met a travelling merchant who claimed to know who he was and was close friends with his father, This merchant was Zeref. Zeref tells him to head east where Hunter meets Grace and Drake(Other characters i'll be creating) they form an independent guild called Dragon Scale. At the age of 17 he discovers his last name and meets up with his long lost brother Rouge Cheney. Later in the same year he discovers that Acnologia has been killed by Natsu Dragneel. He later teams up with an exceed named Grim who instead of bird wings has demon ones instead. on his 20th birthday he is visited by Mest who offers Dragon Scale to become an Official Guild. The team agrees on the offer and are currently the fourth most powerful Guild in Fiore

Magic Info
Magic Name: Dragon King slayer magic
Magic Type: Caster, Lost magic
Magic Description: The Dragon King slayer magic allows hunter to consume ethryon. A majority of this magics ability's are offensive and only has 2 support ability's. In dragon force he grows blue moon shaped scales under his eyes and black scales running up the side of his face his eyes become pure white like Acnologia's.
Magic Techniques: Dragon King roar(releases an explosive amount of ether nano destroying any none living being) Dragon King's Blade(an ethryon blade in cases Hunters left arm making a deadly weapon) Dragon King Iron Fist ( Ether Nano surrounds hunters fists causing a small explosion to what it hits) Dragon King's wings(1 of the supportive spells which boost Hunters speed and jump capabilities) Dragon King's Scales ( the 2nd supportive spell forms a blue force field around Hunter absorbing most attacks)
Dragon slayer secret arts:
Dragon King's Armageddon(a huge column of magic energy shoots into the sky forming the image of a Dragon which then roars causing the nearest area to fold in on itself like a black hole)
Sample Post: NONE
Guild: Dragon Scale
Guild Mark:Left shoulder 
Weapons: A double sided knife a blade producing from each end of the hilt. Blade attached to dark blue glove
Strengths: Combat,Problem solving
Weaknesses: A single attack drains a lot of magic energy and a dragon slayer secret art can almost kill him 
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I'm not really interested in RP'ing at this point but would you mind terribly if I took this template and used it to help me finish designing and flushing out the details of a character I plan on using in some Fairy Tail fan fictions? This is by far not only the easiest to follow template I've found but the most comprehensive and I really think it could help me out my character.  Thanks
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Personal Information
Name: Keiko Caeli 
Nickname/Alias/Title: The Fallen Angel
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Physical Appearance: Hair is colored white with black streaks (Reaches past waist), Eyes are lavender, fair skin-toned.
Accessories: Black Sheath Knee-length Taffeta Jewel Dress With Bow, black ankle boots, black and gold bow.
Personality: kinda sensitive in emotions, when she's in bad mood, she becomes cold, and sometimes shy.
Likes: Sleep, kind people, sweets, bows
Dislikes: bitter foods, rude people, pain
History: She was raised by Arcana, the Fallen Angel Dragon. Arcana was once pure but fell because of choosing Keiko instead. Keiko was very open only at Arcana and was rude to others. Nobody liked her, that's why. She was trained by Arcana even though she's still young because Keiko needs to know how to take care of herself. 

At the year x777, Arcana disappeared without a trace, leaving Keiko alone. The only trace Arcana gave her was a book of spells.

Since Arcana disappeared, she had no one with her. Kids bullied her because she was lonely and they knew no one would be there to defend her. She also, was captured and dragged at the R-system. She always tired to hide but she was always found. One time, when she hid, the child kidnappers had enough of her and tortured her. She lost her right eye and her left eye was damaged. 

She managed to escape the R-system using her the last bits of her powers. But before she did escape, Simon pleaded her to give a sealed box to his little sister. Keiko took pity and accepted the request.

She traveled around and found a village where only a minimum of people lived there. The people there accepted her,despite that her powers in dark and her wings weren't allowed to be stained with her blood. Everyone took care of her there as she grew up.

One day, she was asked to hike some medicinal plant to cure one of the villager, which she gladly accepted. She came back after a few days and found her village on fire, she didn't find any body which means they either escaped or got captured. She started to look for them but never found anyone. She stopped by on Magnolia to rest because of too much pressure. There, Keiko was found crying by Erza, who was currently heading back to Fairy Tail from an S-class job. Erza headed to her and asked why she was crying, Keiko looked up to see an armored girl. She didn't have anyone to talk to so she explained it to Erza. 

Erza then, stood up inviting Keiko to come with her at the guild. As soon as the doors were opened, she saw a flying tables. Erza talked to the master about Keiko. It didn't take long until she was officially joined in the guild. 

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Fallen/Dark Angel Dragon Slayer
Magic Type: Caster, Lost magic
Magic Description: She is able to perform various spells from the book. Dark Angel is the opposite of a pure angel, they can absorb sins. The reason why her wings shall never be stained by her own blood when her wings are out because she can turn into a different kind of angel which is the fallen blood angel, the kind of angel that are blood-thirsty 
Magic Techniques: absque effusio (sin absorption), Seinaru shukufuku: Hogo (holy blessing: protection), Seinaru shukufuku: Supido (holy blessing: speed), Angel Drive (Fallen), Dark blast, Dark Angel's Howl, Fallen Angel's Roar, Grand Choir, Kindan no jumon (Forbidden spell): Dark Angel's Despair, Angel Claws, Kindan no jumon (Forbidden spell): Dark Angel's Holy Sin, Kindan no jumon (Forbidden spell): Akuma no yobidashi (call of satan), Kindan no jumon (Forbidden spell): Hadesu no yobidashi (call of Hades), Dark Angel's Triumph, Dark Angel's Horns, Whirl of Darkness, Kindan no jumon: Dakuenjeru no noroi (Forbidden Spell: Curse of the Dark Angel)
Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: Black Crystal Katana Sword and the blood crystal katana sword (These are her earrings' charms that turns into her sword), fleuve de Lumière (river of light)
Strengths: Combat, weapons, spells
Weaknesses: If she is blackmailed with her friend or someone she cares, her memories of her past can weaken her, depression.
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Personal Information

Name: Kilala Ravenwing

Nickname: Kilala

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Physical Appearance: Has long black hair with bangs just above right eye, almost always had a slight smirk on her face, her mark is water blue and is on her upper right arm, she’s skinny and is about 5 ft and 9in, has emerald green eyes, olive skinned, also has cat ears and a wolf tail

Accessories: Black cape with hood covering head with an emerald gemstone button, (wears a cape to conceal her cat ears and wolf tail) blue t-shirt with jeans, has indian moccasins or goes barefooted, has a scarf that looks like Natsu’s but is silver with dark blue stripes running across it

Personality: Most of the time, she’s swimming in the ocean or in a pool or hanging with friends , she likes to fight and is very identical to Natsu when she does. Kilala looks weak but she actually is very strong. She always is getting into fights with Amber and often challenges her other guildmates to a fight. Other than that she can be nice, considerate, and sometimes even caring. She has a crush but, she doesn’t want to tell who he is. Oh and she loves cats.

Likes: Cats, swimming, books, fighting, nature and her guild members

Dislikes: Anyone who treats animals or people like property, anyone who kills other people with or without reason and anyone who dare to hurt or mistreat her friends

History: When Kilala was about 3 years old, her parents started to follow Zeref and practice dark magic. And whenever they were mad they would torture her and her brother. Eventually  her brother and her escaped into the woods. When they stopped to rest he went to get some food but he never came back. After wandering the forest for 4 days calling her brothers name she passed out of hunger, exhaustion and pain, she was found by the water dragon Neptuna. After hearing Kilala’s story the dragon felt sorry for her so she became her foster mother and taught her all about guilds, wizards and dragons. She even taught her how to use water dragon slayer magic. Neptuna also taught her how to swim, read, survive in the wild, tame animals and use weapons and how to fight without using magic. Kilala was quick to learn and, because of her parents, she had a fighting spirit and a strong resistance for pain she was also had fast reactions. Then one day when Kilala was 7 and swimming in the ocean Neptuna said that she had to go somewhere and then she left. Kilala waited and waited for her to come back but she never did. So Kilala set off in search of a guild that she could join. Eventually she stumbled across a small town that had a guild whose name was Dragons Horn. Unfortunately she wasn’t welcome because of her magic type. So one of her guildmates taught her fire magic and told the guild master that she would never use her “devil magic” again, but she still practiced when no one was watching. After 5 good years in the guild and just when she was feeling happy and safe her supposed “boy/best friend” told the guild master that she had been practicing her “devil magic” behind his back. Of course her punishment was getting kicked out of the guild, so she left with a broken heart and swore to never get close to anyone again. However when she was helping a young woman catch some troublemakers she came across a small group of wizards who seemed to be in the midst of an argument. She saw two males, one had pink spiky hair the other had black blue hair and his shirt off they were being told off by a female with scarlet hair whom was wearing armor and another female with blond hair pulled back into two pony tails with a very showing outfit. Even though they were arguing, the four wizards seemed to have a very strong bond and Kilala admired that because she thought that she would never have that. After she returned to the young women and collected her reward she then returned to the place where she had seen the four wizards. When she got there the four wizards had stopped in front of a tall building that had a sign that said Fairy Tail. She followed them inside and was amazed at what she saw, about 100 people were in the guild there were even some kids her age! A boy with black hair and another boy who had messy blue hair and was floating on a cloud. All of a sudden the spiky haired boy turned around and spotted her and said “Hey there! Are you interested in joining the guild?” and Kilala answered “Yes” for she knew (she didn’t know how she knew, it was just good instincts) that she would finally find a true home here in this guild.

Magic and Combat Information

Magic Name: Water dragon slayer magic, fire magic

Magic Type: Caster magic, elemental magic

Magic Description: Can control water just like Juvia only difference is that Kilala’s magic is more ancient and has healing properties, fire magic (the flames are blue)…

Magic Techniques:  Water Dragon's Roar, Water Dragon's Iron Fist, Water Dragon's Wing Attack, Water Dragon's Sword Edge, Water Dragon's Boiling Cage, Water Dragon's Claws, Water Dragon's Crushing Fang, Water Dragon's Wave Wall, Water Dragon's Grip Strike, The Strength of the Four Elements, Million Water Daggers, and Underwater Ruins, Water Serpent, Call of the Seven Oceans; Crimson Lotus: Fire Fist, Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade

Guild: Fairy Tail

Weapons: Whip, Bow and arrows and Water Claws

Strengths: Fighting in water, Hand on hand combat, and Healing powers, immunity to motion sickness

Weaknesses: Spiders, Animal cruelty, and friends
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Personal Information
Name: Jacob Subarashī(Awesome in Japanese)
Nickname/Alias/Title: Jake, The Raging Flame
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: Dirty Blonde shaggy Hair with bangs covering his right eye has an Athletic Build, Blue Eyes, peach skinned
Accessories: Black Zip-up Hoodie with a white tanktop underneath, dark grey baggy jeans with red lightning marks around the legs that go down to his shoes, which are black sneakers with white highlights. He also wears a necklace with a jeweled Amulet that is red in color, given to him by his mother at the age of 8.
Personality: Most of the times, he's almost Identical to Natsu. He often does a lot of things without even thinking, and getting into fights with his fellow guild members and sometimes acts like a brat. but other times, he's actually friendly and caring, treating his guild members like family. another trait of his, also somewhat comical, he has relationship blues. meaning that he gets a little angry, nauseous or depressed when he's around couples that get lovey dovey.
Likes: Pizza and Fighting
Dislikes: Anyone who dares to hurt fellow guild members of his.
History: Jacob was raised by a caring family who loved him no matter what he did. but one day at the age of 8, his parents were killed in front of him by Wizards from a Unknown Dark Guild. After seeing his parents' death, Jacob ran away from the dark wizards. He ran and ran until he was lost in the middle of nowhere. He kept going around for a new home until he almost died of starvation and passed out. when Jacob awoke, he was accompanied and greeted by a Female Fire Dragon named Hirabu, who saved Jacob and nursed him back to health. Jacob broke down into tears and thanked the fire dragon for caring enough to help him. Hirabu then hugged the little boy, saying that She will take care of Jacob until he's ready to go out on his own. For the next 4 and a half years years, Jacob was raised by Hirabu, who also taught him Fire Dragon Slayer Magic to ensure that he will defend himself from any forces that threaten him. Then one day, Hirabu suddenly disappeared. Leaving Jacob to think that maybe he's finally ready to take care of himself. The young 12-year old then spent a couple of months in Mangolia, taking care of himself. That is when he ran across a giant monster named Beryial, who has burned down an entire village and killing the people in it. Beryial then targeted Jacob, thinking that he missed a spot. But little did he know that this is what Jacob was waiting for. To wipe out a Evil Entity. That is when Jacob unleashed his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and began fighting Beryial. The monster had a really difficult time dealing with Jacob, and that's when the young Dragon Slayer dealt the final blow, ending the Monster. Jacob had felt happy, winning his first battle and slaying his first monster. but that is when he turned around and saw that he was being watched by Laxus Dreyar, a mage from a guild named Fairy Tail. Laxus was very impressed that he took down that monster before he even got here to do the job. Laxus then took Jacob back to Fairy Tail and introduced
 him to his father, Makarov. Laxus reported about what he can do and Makarov smiled. The old Guild Master offered Jacob a place and home in the Fairy Tail Guild and he accepted the offer.
Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Lightning Magic
Magic Type: Caster Magic, Lost Magic
Magic Description:… (For Dragon Slayer Magic), Jacob uses his lightning magic exactly like Cole Macgrath from the infamous series.
Magic Techniques: Fire Dragon's Roar, Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, Fire Dragon's Wing Attack, Fire Dragon's Sword Edge, Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame, Fire Dragon's Talons, Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang, Fire Dragon's Flaming Elbow, Fire Dragon's Grip Strike, Flaming Sun Piercer, Million Flame Stabs, and Flaming Somersault, Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon Fist, Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade, Lightning Bolt, Shockwave, Shock Grenade, Megawatt Hammer, Induction Grind, Static Thrusters, Gigawatt Blades and Ionic Storm
Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: A man-made broadsword which the blade has a black color with a red tint in it, Jacob infuses his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic into the sword for extra melee combat.
Strengths: Art, Eating Contests, and Games
Weaknesses: Motion Sickness(Due to being a Dragon Slayer), has a bad temper, and is somewhat shy of women
Magic Value: 28
Physical Value: 17
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Personal Information
Name: Marta kinsman
Nickname/Alias/Title: Shadow, potato(see likes)
Sex: female
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: blonde/brown tinted hair shoulder length, skinny, tall build, brown eyes, naturally red lips ,paleskinned.
Accessories: dark, slightly baggy jeans, violet t-shirt, black denim jacket, black ankle boots with violet rim.
Personality: she is extremely overprotective of friends, so much so to a point that she is aggressive, is a rebel but a goody two shoes at the same time if you know what i mean, makes a good impression but is very different to what she originally reveals, she tries to keep to herself and is reserved in responses to others.
Likes: music, potato cake and cats.
Dislikes: impulsive idiots, fish and people who talk like they are genius’s on subjects they don’t understand at all.
History: used to live in a semi-rural village with a sister and brother, a war broke out nearby and an explosion killed nearly everyone, only she survived, she was 6 when this incident happened, thus she was found and adopted by a beast similar to a griffin that was entirely gray, it’s name was celeritate umbra, it taught her a lost magic known as blackland, years ago in an attempt to defeat the same black dragon that severely injured gildarts celeritate was killed, that was when marta was 14, she decided to join a wizards guild, like the ones her guardian had told stories of, since it was one of the most popular guilds, she joined fairy tail after running into wendy and Carla on a mission
Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: blackland magic
Magic Type: elemental
Magic Description: a magic conveyed via shadows, she can inflict pain without damage, she controls the shadows to a point in which she can make them attack others, the person is then inflicted pain via the shadow but it will not permanently damage them, she can also use it as a means of transportation, but it takes nearly all her magical energy, it can also be used as a shield and a weapon.
Magic Techniques: shadow grasp, a move that moves beyond the dimension of shadows and can change a physical object or manifest into one. Shadow sneak, does what it says on the box, can be used to sneak unnoticed through the shadows.
SAMPLE POST: “urgh cele’ do i really have to practice this again?” “yes you do marta this is important for your training” “fine.....BLACKLAND SHADOW GRASP!”she panted after yelling, a giant black fist appered and hit the rock in front of her, with enough force to crack it in two “good marta, you are getting better at shadow grasp, but it’s still not perfect, we’ll try this again tomorrow”
Guild: fairy tail
Weapons: a small black knife kept in her pocket.
Strengths: art, trivia, she has extensive knowledge that helps with battle strategy and tactics.
Weaknesses: she has very weak leg strength, basically an Achilles heel, she also hates fire, it is one of her few major weaknesses along with scripture magic.
Magic Value: 30
Physical Value: 15

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If cats are not allowed just put Kurisu's info and take out Harmony's.
Personal Info
Name: Kurisu Symphony & Harmony (flying cat just like happy)
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Physical Appearence: Kurisu has blonde hair with red tips. Its not spiky. He has light yellow eyes. He is kinda attractive: he has a Natsu from FairyTail body. His mark is on the left side of his forehead. Harmony is a brown and skin colored, the tips of her ears are brown and a pot around her left eye is brown, she has green eyes, her paws are brown and her feet are brown, and the tip of her tail is brown. Harmoney's mark is on her back.
Accessories: Kurisu wears a white open vest that he buttoned with one button at the top, he has bandages from waste up to belly button covering it, he has bandages on his left arm 2 inches away from his elbow, he is wearing pants kinda like stings (sabertooth guild) but they are white and he has bandages on both legs 1 inch below his knee it is sweatpants, he has pockets and a waste adjuster. he has black sneakers. He has a thin stick in his mouth. Harmony has a yellow ribbon on around her neck, and has a green and white dress, and a black quarter note on her left eye.
Personality: Kurisu is intelligent, he dosen't show his power only a few people know he is a dragon slayer, he only results to hand to hand combat, if its a basic fight he has his hands in his pocket and he fights with his feet, in a medium level fight or wiping out a guild he uses his hands and feet, if its a hard or pro match he uses his dragon slayer magic, he has just enough friends in the guild. Harmony helps him fly if he is battling on a moving vehicle. He often reads books and only smiles when he is around friends, his guild, and the people he loves.
Likes: Looking at the stars, the guild, Harmony, his friends.
Dislikes: Overconfident Fools.

History: Up untill he was 8 he learned and lived with his foster parents Kagayaki the Shining Dragon, Kasaimashi the Wind Dragon, and Otomorishi the Sound Dragon. Who he learned Dragon Slayer Magic from. When they disappeared in the year X777. After his dragons disappeared he wondered in the forest weaping and looking for his dragons. He spent 2 days looking for them. He lived all alone with no one there. Eventually he started training and practicing his dragon slayer magic to get stronger and someday find his dragons. He was training and training untill he dropped. He woke up in a cottage and there were two people there. They said they found him passed out in the forest. He lived with them for two quiet years. After those two quiet years he insisted on leaving to go on his own. The people say he can come at any time. He left and he was walking for 2 days and found him self at the town of magnolia. He asked anyone if they had seen dragons and they laught in my face. I went to the only magical guild in town, and in the front of the guild i saw the guild Master Mokorov.
Eventually he joined the guild, but most people dont know he is a dragon slayer. He only results to hand to hand combat. He keeps going on solo missions and has got alot of jewel but he donated it to the guild. He became an s-class wizard, and went on a decade quest. He was gone for 3 years he completed the mission and when he came back the guild was changed (This is all when he was 18). He got relaxed and went on multiple regular ranked missions. He was training and training untill he dropped

Magic Name: Shining Dragon Slayer Magic, Wind Dragon Slayer Magic, Sound Dragon Slayer Magic Harmony's Magic: Aira
Magic Type: Elemental, Lost, Caster.
Description: Kurisu's Shining Dragon Slayer Magic makes his Inferno Wind Magic Yellow. He is able to perform powerful spells when he mixes his Shining Dragon Slayer Magic and his Inferno Wind Dragon Slayer Magic together. is magic is powerful when he tries.
Techniques: Wind Dragon Roar, Sound Dragon Roar, Shine Dragon Roar, Wind Dragon Talon, Sound Dragon Talon, Shine Dragon Talon, Wind Dragon Wing Attack, Sound Dragon Screeching Sound, Shine Dragon Brilliant Light, Wind Dragon Tornado, Sound Dragon Sound Wave, Shine Dragon Holy Blast, Wind Dragon Air Blend, Sound Drive, Shine Drive, Wind Drive, Sound Dragon Ear Fracture, Shine Dragon Holy Breath, Wind Dragon Holy Punch, Sound Dragon Holy Sound Blast, Shine Dragon Holy Ray.
Advanced Techniques: Shining Sound Dragon Holy Nova ,Shining Wind Dragon Holy Nova, Sound Lotus Exploding Sound Waves, Wind Sound Lotus Massive Sound Tornado.
Sample: Kurisu stands with his feet and shoulders length apart, He makes a wind tornado and shoots a sound dragons roar in to the tornado making the Wind Sound Lotus Massive Sound Tornado.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Strengths: Advanced wizard, Intelligent, Anylyzes his opponents in battle, The second Fairy Tatcitian
Weaknesses: Motion Sickness
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Personal info
Name: Sukai Yomato
Nickname/alias/title: Kumo
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Physical appearance: Suaki has shoulder length black hair. It is rather spiky and he does not style it. He has purple eyes. He is very attractive: muscular, fit, handsome, and tall. He is very athletic, which keeps his body in shape. His mark is on his neck.
Accessories: Sukai wears a white button up and a black jacket with fur on the collar. He wears a heart locket that was his mother's. He wears jeans and white sneakers.
Personality: Sukai is very withdrawn. He is confident in his powers and strength. He has few friends in the guild. He is very serious and doesn't smile often. He is a loner that can pack a punch. He is very loyal to his friends and will stick up for them, even when they are in the wrong.
Likes: Storms, solitude, his friends, fighting, being the best
Dislikes: fools, overconfidence, bullies and missions

History: Sukai Yomato was born to a woman named Katerina. His father had left, when he was born and he grew up without a positive male role model in his life. Consequently, he became a troublesome child. He was always getting into trouble and causing his mom stress. When he became of age, Sukai started to go on missions to prove his worth. He had the power to create illsuions. While he was gone on a mission, his mother died to a dragon that she came across. Sukai came back to no one and decided to leave and hone his power. Having come across a dragon, Sukai challenged it. He didn't care that he wasn't a dragon slayer. The dragon defeated Sukai, but spared his life and took him as a student. Sukai became a dragon slayer with the power to create and manipulate lightning and fire. He became quite powerful and the dragon, Azugal, entered Sukai's body to ensure antibodies would keep him human. Sukai returned to the guild a new man. He was shunned for having abandoned the guild, especially by a childhood friend, Ursa. Sukai was near traitorism, when he met Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster. Though, he identified more with Gray. They became friends and Sukai decided it was worth the torment from his other guild members as long as he had these two friends. Sukai eventually becomes the strongest dragon slayer in the guild, but he hides his powers from the others because he does not want everyone knowing that he is. Sukai has had wuite the adventures. While Natsu was in Edolas, Sukai protected Earth Land from several beasts and even killed a shadow dragon. 
As his power grew, Natsu and Gray grew further from him. He no longer had the brothers he once had and he spent much of his time reflecting on the good times. Sukai eventually meets a guild member named Korrina and falls in love with her. He marries the girl and they have a daughter they name Katsca. Korrina dies and Sukai once again leaves, but this time with his daughter. He trains her and implants her with a dragon lacrima. She becomes a dragon slayer and they return. Sukai is now in his late twenties and his daughter is about five. Sukai is suprised to see a giant dragon attacking fairy tail and learns that it is Natsu. It seemed that Natsu had used his powers more than the antibodies could handle. Sukai fought Natsu and saved his old friend. Everyone appreciated Sukai a lot now and Ursa even apologized for her behavior. Sukai gladly accepted and told her he never once hated her. They became very close and Sukai remarried. He did not admit it, but Ursa was always the love of his life. He thanked Korrina for letting him feel what love was like. Katsca did not approve of the marriage and became estranged from her father. Now, Sukai spends his time training and completing mission after mission, keeping the guild safe from harm.

Magic name: Fire and Lightning Dragon Slayer magic, shadow dragon slayer magic, illusion magic
Type: Elemental, lost, caster
Description: Sukai and conjure both fire and lightning magic and manipulate both. He is also able to use Shadow Dragon slayer magic, which is only attainable with a dragon lacrima and training from a dragon. His flames and lightning are a black (he is able to infuse shadow magic into his others). He is also able to take the form of a dragon and conquer his enemies.
Techniques: Fire dragon blast volley, Fire dragon flame kick, fire dragon sword slash, fire dragon flame blast, lightning dragon beam attack, lightning dragon shock wave, lightning dragon lightning punch, lightning dragon thunder spear, lightning dragon thunder bolt, shadow dragon shadow cloak, shadow dragon shadow fire, shadow dragon shadow lightning, shadow dragon spark burst, fire lightning dragon spark burst, and various other combos, illusion magic
Sample: Sukai stands with his feet shoulder length apart. Fire in one hand, lightning in the other. He brings his hands together and a white ball of fire and electricity is created. He raises his hands and fires the ball into the air creating a storm of spark charges.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Strengths: Very adept in battle, he is strong and intelligent, he had very powerful magic, the most advanced dragon slayer
Weaknesses: Depression, can be cocky even though he hates it, can be easily provoked, family, cares for everyone, will give in to anything that deals with his daughter or wife, picks fights too often
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Personal Information
Name: Akume
Nickname/Alias/Title: The demon
Sex: female
Age: unknown
Physical Appearance: Akume has long white hair which goes down to the middle of her back. She keeps it down and rarely styles it. Akume has piercing blue eyes and a long scar going from her right eye to her neck. Akume has a very attractive figure, being the desired hourglass figure with large breasts, a slim waist and very wide hips. Akume has long legs which help her to run faster as well. 
Accessories: Akume wears a dark maroon tank top and black leggings with dark combat boots. Akume also wears a long white coat which is more like a cloak as it simply sits on her shoulders and is tied around the front to stop it from blowing away.
Personality: Akume is very playful, until the situation demands her to change. She can go from smiling and joking to deadly serious in less than a second. Akume is fiercely loyal to anyone she meets and especially to other beings capable of using fire. Akume will never back down from a challenge once its been issued.
Likes: Fire, doing work, serving her master, strong opponents.
Dislikes: arrogance, greed, people who take advantage of others.

History: Akume started life as a young man whose name was unknown, not much is none about Akume before he met Natsu Dragneel. What is known is that he was kidnapped one day and transformed into a demon capable of changing bodies should his current form become destroyed. Akume managed to escape the ones who'd captured him but his body began to age so rapidly that if you met him one week and then saw him the next, it'd look like he'd aged by about 3 years. This meant that Akume's original body was soon lost as it got so unstable that it just shut down. This caused Akume's body to release small blue embers, these embers where how he could assume another form. However Akume hates using this technique as it cannot create a new form for Akume, instead it makes Akume take over the body of a suitable host. This is how Akume came to be in the form he is known, after his original body was destroyed and the embers released, he took over the form of a beautiful young woman whose name was lost forever as whenever Akume took over a host that person's existence is wiped out, their name and memories... gone. Akume has spent that time since adjusting to being in a female body. 
During Akume's travels he ran into some wizards from Fairy Tail. This turned out to be Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss during their youth. It was during this time that Akume's life was saved by Natsu and Lisanna as Akume still didn't have full control over her magic and she was attacked by a pack of forest vulcans. Natsu and Lisanna quickly came to her aid and defeated the vulcans, and since then Akume had pledged her life to Natsu, stating that she'd serve him till either one of them died. Of course Natsu had no clue what that meant and Akume continued on her travels in order to improve her magic so that she'd be of more use to Natsu. During her travels she heard the stories about Fairy Tail and all that Natsu had achieved, she knew that her decision that day had been a good one. 
Akume spent so long trying to improve her skills that Natsu completely forgot about her, and when she showed up at Fairy Tail just before the S-Cass exams, Natsu had no clue who she was. Akume then decided to hang around Fairy Tail, before she heard about the events of Tenrou Island. After learning of their disappearance Akume stayed with Fairy Tail, she never became a member but she defended Fairy Tail's honor over the 7 years as she awaited her masters return.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Fire demon slayer magic
Magic Type: Lost magic, Elemental, Caster
Magic Description: Fire demon slayer magic is a variant of Demon Slayer magic, used for slaying flame demons. This magic grants Akume the abilities of a fire demon and she can consume flames in order to replenish her strength and heal her wounds. Akume is also able to consume both dragon slayer and god slayers flames. Akume's flames are a brilliant blue colour.
Magic Techniques: Fire demons Rage, Fire demons muscle (Akume surrounds herself in flames which boost her physical strength), Fire demons burning razor (She holds her hands together, flames building between them before she releases the flames as a razor sharp disc), Fire demons burrow (Akume covers herself in flames before diving underground, unleashing pillars of flames all around the area), Fire demons burning orbit (She holds her hands above her head, a huge ball of fire builds above her before she swipes her hands down, unleashing the ball of flames which splits into many smaller balls of fire that rain down around Akume) Fire demons nails (She covers her hands or feet in flames and hits her opponent with them), Fire demon blazing bow (She creates a bow out of her flames before launching several arrows towards her target), Fire demons blazing staff (She creates a staff out of her flames), Fire demons blazing scythe (She creates a flaming scythe) and Fire demons Apocalypse (See sample post)
SAMPLE POST: (Akume faces her opponent, her flames covering her as she assumes a wide stance, arms out at her sides, her flames begin to concentrate behind her as a magic circle appears, before a huge demon made of flames appeared behind her as it attacks her opponent)
Guild: none
Weapons: none
Strengths: Akume has enhanced abilities due to her being a demon. She has enhanced stamina, strength, speed and she heals faster.
Weaknesses: Akume, despite being difficult to defeat, is not invincible, she has little to no long ranged attacks and her opponents can exploit this to defeat her.
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Name: Jack Sharp
Nickname/Alias/Title: Gunslinger
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Physical Appearance: Shoulder length black hair with gray highlights, brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, height 6'7 and an average body build.
Accessories: A black fur trench coat, black trousers, black leather boats, a black cowboy hat and a black eye patch on his left eye.
Personality: He is very smart, always thinking tactically and quickly when needed and extremely serious when it comes to work. However, he can have a sense of humor at times. 
Likes: Loyalty to friends and guild, a challenge, smart people.
Dislikes: Betraying friends and guild, cocky people, sore losers.
History: He was born into a poor family of air magic users. His father forced him to train in air magic which Jack refused to always ending in a beating from his father. His older siblings would bully him each day during air magic practice. One day after his 8th birthday he ran away to the nearby woods, it was one of the best decisions he has made. He ran for miles before finding a cabin in the woods. It was inhabited by a man who was named Remus, an old guns mage. Remus taught Jack everything to know about guns magic. Jack trained intensely for nine years and became an expert. One day, the military kidnapped Jack thinking he was a criminal. They sent him to a prison with other children. Most children were like him; not criminals. The people who were not criminals gathered in the barracks to discuss an escape plan. Jack led and mostly planned the escape. The next day the escape plan took place. It was successful. Sadly, Jack never seen the escapees ever again. Jack then, at the age of 17, trained alone for four years. On his 21st birthday he decided to join a guild. The guild he chose was Fairy Tail.

Magic Name: Guns magic
Magic Type: Holder magic
Magic Description:…
Magic Techniques: Bullet rain, rocket storm, grenade shot and lightning snipe.
Guild: Fairy tail
Weapons: Magic pistols, magic assault rifle, magic rocket launcher and magic sniper.
Strengths: Never misses a shot
Weaknesses: If taunted he will get mad and miss easy shots.
Magic Value: 7
Physical Value: 3
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Name: Nozomi Aeriette
Nickname/Alias/Title: Rose Dragon
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Physical Appearance: Long pale pink hair that fades into a deep red at the ends, one icy blue eye and one deep pink, height 6'7 weight 160 pounds, very feminine figure, overall in pretty great shape, X-shaped scar across the bridge of her nose, 3 giant scars across her back
Accessories: Magenta tank top cutting off before her midriff, lime green half-jacket with sleeves cuffed at her elbows, deep brown belt with a bag on the right side and a key ring on the left, lime green miniskirt cutting off at her high thigh, tall brown boots going to her knees
Personality: She is very smart and cold. She is one of the quieter members of her guild, though being very strong. She is very elegant, regardless of her amazing strength. She can be quite sarcastic at times, and is not afraid to stand up for herself or her friends
Likes: Any animals, getting stronger, the dark, winter, roses, cherry blossoms, quiet walks in a forest, the night sky
Dislikes: Death, finding an enemy too strong for her to defeat, animal cruelty, being lied to, being forced to battle someone she doesn't want to, Xero
History: She was born to a very wealthy family that was hated by most in the area. Her parents were very cruel to her, and usually beat her, which was where she got the scars across her back. She ran away once and found a mysterious ring of keys, discovering that she had a special magic ability to use the keys to transform into different beasts. When she was found out by her parents, she was severely punished, and before they were done she ended up morphing into what is known as the Rose Dragon, Sakura. She entered an uncontrollable rage, and ended up killing her parents and burning down her home. Now wanted, she fled the crime scene and made a home for herself. She trained herself to control her magic, and was successful after 3 long years, discovering all the Transformations she could take on with each of her keys. Once she was strong enough, she decided to join a guild. She was traveling and soon found Xero, a young man who she fell in love with. The two of them traveled together, trying to find a guild. She found that Xero had very strong magic he called Luna Magic. He said that he could harness the power of the moon and use that power to create amazing weapons. After 2 years of traveling with Xero, the two parted ways as she traveled toward Fairy Tail. She joined the guild and stayed there until Xero took the guild under siege by the command of the guild he had joined. She was forced to fight him, regardless of if she wanted to or not. She discovered a new form she could unlock without her keys, called the Blood Code. It allowed her to transform into a powerful magic being known as an Aura Knight and use re-quip magic to use very powerful weapons, her favorite being her Fairy Scythe, a scythe being entirely composed of light. She used her newfound Transformation to try and take down Xero, accidentally killing 3 S-Class wizards from Fairy Tail in the process. Because of this, she was banned from Fairy Tail. She was forced out onto the streets again, but she was able to somehow get into Lamia Scale for a while. She was, however, accused of trying to kill all of the members, and was therefore kicked out again. She went through all of the guilds in Magnolia, again being accused of killing the other members. She was sick of trying, but still needed jobs. She was able to get someone to take her out jobs for part of her pay, saying she'd rather not show her guild mark because of where it was. She was able to make a living with this job transfer, and decided to try and make her own guild. She ran into Xero again, and he used his Luna Magic on her, trying to kill her as his orders said. She managed to survive, but she gained her X-shaped scar. Afterwards, she kept her life going, usually using her Aura Knight Transformation, as well as her Rose Dragon Transformation. She gained her pink eye by using her Transformations enough times.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Key-Powered Beast Transformation
Magic Type: Item-Holder
Magic Description: Her Beast Transformation magic allows her to transform into any beast her keys allow (Exceptions being Sakura and Aura Knight, which she can use without her keys). Her keys indicate which beast she can transform into. Her keys allow her to Transform into a Minotaur, Siren, Phoenix, Griffin, Abaia, Airavata, Ahklut, Alphyn, and Amarok. Her non-key Transformations are the Rose Dragon Sakura, a dragon who uses a sort of green fire and razor cherry blossom petals and her Aura Knight Transformation, giving her strong armor and a vast selection of re-quipable weapons. She personally favors an indestructible scythe known as the Fairy Scythe.
SAMPLE POST: I was standing in front of a powerful monster I had been sent to kill. I quickly grasped my ring of Keys and chose my Amarok Key. I unlocked the Amarok Gate, and was wrapped in a blinding pale pink light. As I emerged, my giant wolf-like body lingered, ready to strike at a moment's notice.
Magic Techniques: Many transformations that give her a vast number of abilities
Guild: None at the moment. She is working on making her own
Weapons: She has many weapons ready at her disposal in her Aura Knight form, but her favorite of these is her trusty Fairy Scythe. This giant scythe is made entirely of pure light, but is strong regardless. She has many other weapons with her in her Aura Knight form. In her human form, she carries a dagger with her.
Strengths: She is very strong when it comes to taking down enemies that she really wants to fight. She is also strong when it comes to protecting her allies. In her human form and her Aura Knight form, she is very skilled with weapons, so they are not a problem to her.
Weaknesses: When she doesn't want to fight or when she is facing someone she has strong enough feelings for, she will immediately weaken her powers. She is also easily wounded by weapons in her beast forms. 
Magic Value: 8
Physical Value: 2
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Name: Amelia Oceanbreaker
Nickname/Alias/Title: Aqua solider

Sex: female
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: Blonde long silky hair, cobalt blue eyes, freckles, height 5’2 weight 122 pounds, overall in pretty good shape
Accessories: Light aqua shirt with a small V neck. A s=thigh high skirt with shorts under it, she has a ocean blue boot that  go half way up her calves, with long white socks
Personality: She helps anyone she fells deserves it and when she finds the people that will always be there for her she will protect them with her life.
Likes: singing, animals, and family
Dislikes: pain, suffering, Arlex
History: She grew up not knowing her parents, only the people she was with on the tower of heaven. Every so often she would see Jallal but never became close friends. When everyone was taking over the island and getting away. The boats including the one she was on exploded. She never found out why and didn’t care at the time. Because she was catapulted into the ocean from the force of the explosion. She thought she would die when she was saved by the dragon Acnologia. Acnologia raised her and taught her how to use Ocean dragon slayer magic. When Acnologia went and started destroying everything Amelia was wandering around a lot. When she stopped wandering she was in the city of Mavalton. In Mavlton she met a guy named Arlex. At first they were great friends and later became quit close. Unfortunately Arlex slowly became evil. At first he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Amelia but later he would do anything to get her to stay when she started asking him to be kinder to everyone. Finally she was able to get away at night while he was sleeping. She ran for hours until she found Magnolia along with fairy tail. From her entire backstory she never really got sad because in her heart she knew she would find a family that she can count on.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Ocean dragon slayer
Magic Type: water
Magic Description: Ocean dragon slayer is like any other dragon slayer magic but its water. in front of MOST attaches you say like fire dragon roar or something and you can drink/eat any kind of liquid to make yourself stronger. (kind you can’t eat: blood saliva any other bodily fluids.)
Magic Techniques: Amelia knows a very powerful Ocean dragon slayer called ocean dragon slayer secret art ultimate tsunami.
SAMPLE POST: There I was in the training room against an A.I. (artificial intelligence)the magic that the A.I. had was ice make so as it began to use ice make cannon I jumped into the air and used Ocean dragon slayer talon. I landed directly on its head with immense power. When I got back on the floor I say that I broke the A.I..
Guild: Fairy tail
Weapons: none
Strengths: Amelia is best fighting when protecting those she loves or fells does not deserve pain.
Weaknesses: During battle she can be beaten when her friends are at risk or she is fighting those she fells close to or don’t deserve pain.
Magic Value: 7

Physical Value: 3

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Name: Zarmend Gonstoreth
Nickname: Extinction
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Physical appearance: Spiky black hair, Blue eyes, Height: 6,4 Weight:145
Accesories: Grey bro_tank , Black shorts, black shoes
Personality: Nice, Chatterbox, Loyal, Sympathetic, Helpful, Caring
Likes: Laying in the grass, Hanging with friends,
Dislikes:Mean people, Bullies, Spiders, Gray
History: Lost control of power at age of 5 and killed both parents and 3 siblings. Found refuge at Fairy Tail and Makarov helps with power issues. Typically stays alone until he meets gray and natsu. Power is fueled by emotions and when he sees weaker people or his friends get hurt ALOT he goes into a state of frenzy. In this state he is powerful and doesnt understand anyone.
Also kinda weird. Learned magic from Demon of darkness at age 3-4. Has alot of fairy tail pride.

Magic Name: Arc of darkness
Magic Type: Draws power from emotion and pulls it into self magic
Magic techniques: Shadow Ball, Dark array, Arc of Darkness secret art Utter Nothingness, Shield of shadows, Black spike bombardment, Slice of sorrow, 
Ark of darkness secret art Requiem's end, Dark arc form
Magic description: Black and purple magic circle above and below while casting
Guild: Fairy Tail
Stregnth: Fighting with friends makes him more powerful but distracted. Seeing friends hurt (frenzy mode) . Death of a friend.
Weakness: Insects, Dirty stuff, holding back because he doesnt want to lose control.
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Name: Maya starfall
Nickname: tinker
Sex: female
Age: 14
Physical appearance: white hair blue eyes height 5.8
Weight 104
Accessories: white tank top with yellow shorts shirt tucked in blue shoes
Personality: nice and motivated unless some one is messing with her friends
Likes: tinkering her friends and music
Dislikes people messing with her friends
History: Maya has a moto to always smile even if the day throws the worst at ya. Maya had a dad he was an inventor. Her dad would never spend time with her. He would always be working that Made her sad. She began to tinker on weapons she found old rusty ones. That was at age 7 that all changed when that fire started burned down the house but she was the only one to escape thanks to her dad he saved her. So she knew that he still remembered her. So she cried and smiled at the same time. She began to walk around eventually finding fairy tail and joining.

Magic Name: Requip magic
Magic type requips weapons
Magic techniques: requips a hammer swords guns or her personally made scythe
Magic description: white magic circle then she requips
Guild: fairy tail
Strengths: fighting beside friends makes her stronger and more confident. And food she can't fight on an empty stomach
Weaknesses: running out of magic energy. Losing friends. Fire magic brings back the memory. Seeing a spider
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Personal Information

Name: Joshua Dragneel
Nickname: The Fire Eater
Sex: Male
Age: 14
Physical Apperance: Has black hair with shades of pink, red eyes, height is 6.4, 150 pds.
Accessories: A dark black hoodie and dark black pants with a white scarf that consumes any life threating magic.
Personality: Kind, helpful, and queit.
Likes: Fighting, Reading, and eatting fire
Dislikes: People who pick on his friends.
History: Joshua Dragneel had a tough life. His parents kicked him out when he was a baby. A fire dragon named Igneel took him in. Igneel trained Joshua to learn Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. When Joshua was 6 he almot knew all the basic Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. When Joshua was seven he woke up he didn't see Igneel anywhere. Joshua was cring he lost the only person in the world that cared about him. When he was still seven he joined Fairy Tail and became a wizard. Seven years has passed since Igneel left. One day he says he'll find Igneel.

Magic and Combat Information

Magic Name: Dragon Slayer Magic
Magic Type: Fire and Lightning
Magic Techniques: Can use any Lightning and Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and some times can use both at the same time.
Magic Description: When eats fire or lightning gains more magic energy and gets stronger.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Strenghts: If eats fire or lightning stronger and gains Magic Power, If there's a magic that can kill him his scarf will protect him, if Joshua eats Atlas Fire he becomes very very strong, and very fast.
Weaknesses: Fairy easy to defeat him in a fist fight if he loses his Magic Power IF you can hit him. If scarf goes black he needs a healer to make it white again or If he gets hit with another hit that's life threatning it will hit him because the scarf consumed all it could hold or if that doesn't happen he could fall and pass out.

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Personal Information

Name: Joshua Dragneel
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Physical Aperance: Has black hair and shades of pink, red eyes and one eye is scratched, 6.4, 150 Pds.
Accessories: Wears a dark black hoodie and dark black hoodie. Has a scarf that's consumes magic that is harmful to the owner and turns black.
Personality: Kind, Helpful, and queit
Likes: Fighting, helping, reading, and fire
Dislikes: People on his friends and hates the army
History: Joshua Dragneel had a tough life. When he was six years old his parents kicked him out of the house. The reason they did that because they were poor and wanted the food for themselves. A dragon named Igneel raised him. when he was twelve years old Igneel trained Joshua Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. When Joshua was 14 the army killed Igneel for his magic power. His last words were "Use your magic wisely my son." Ever since that day he has never forgotten Igneel's last words. He had to run the army were tring to kill him for his magic power. One day he had no other choice, he had to fight. He used his Dragon Slayer Magic to defeat them. Almost everything around him were burned or still burning. He knew what Igneel meant now, any source of magic can be used for destruction, it could be harmful to people, towns, and cities. Then he was tired of running, he moved to Mongolia to live a life at Fairy Tail so he didn't have to run away anymore, but when ever he thinks of Igneel he becomes angry and sad because he couldn't do anything to save Igneel.

Magic Information

Magic Name: Dragon Slayer Magic
Magic Type: Lightning and fire
Magic Techniques: When eats fire or lightning gains more magic energy and becomes stronger.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Strengths: If eats fire or ligning becomes stronger, if you hurt one of his friends he becomes stronger and angry. When he eats Atlas fire he becomes very very strong. When he fights another Dragon Slayer he remembers Igneel and becomes stronger.
Weaknesses: Has motion sickness and when fights another Dragon Slayer he remembers Igneel and becomes weaker. Fairy easy to defeat in a fist fight, that is if you can hit him.
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Personal Info.
Name: Nightfall Serenity
Nickname: Spirit
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Physical Appearance: Long brown hair with purple tips that is tied into a pony tail with a black ribbon , dark purple eyes, slim, sorta short but not too short, also has side bangs, silver ornament sorta like an elven crown with a light blue gem with a swirling purple mist inside around her head.
Accessories: Dark purple mini dress with black angry eyes on the front, black high heel boots
Personality:Hyper and mean around her friends but usually quiet and gentle in public. When angered she likes to take measures into her own hands. Loves to eat food (Any type of food that she likes). Has a very bad temper.
Likes: Candy, Food, Animals, Games, Arts, Scaring People
Dislikes: Heights, Jerks, Annoying People, Hunters, Poachers and Wasted Food.
History: She was born and raised in Magnolia, but when her parents were taken away to work on the Paradise Tower when she was only 7 she ran far away. When she got to that far away place she stayed in a city for three days. After those three days the city was then attacked by Deliora. However, Deliora shed a drop of blood which landed on her. After three more days her unconscious body laid there on the cold stone until she was finally awoken by a younger Mystogan she begun to realize she was given magic powers. Her training begun soon after she was found. Her and Mystogan became very close, but when the day to join a guild came on her 15th birthday both Mystogan and Nightfall found Fairy Tail in the very same place she remembered. On that very same day her and a new friend Erza went out in search of friends and family that was taken away to go to Paradise Tower.

Magic and Combat Info.
Magic Name: Soul Shift
Magic Type: Elemental Caster
Magic Description: It's like Make Magic Just saying a different thing.…
Magic Techniques: She uses her magic by putting out her hand palm facing in front, behind, upwards or downwards to cast the spell.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: Wooden Staff with a light blue gem with a purple swirl inside.
Strengths: Very powerful when she loses her temper.
Weaknesses: Being tickled.
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Personal Information
Name: Kirah Sun
Nickname/Alias/Title: Sparks
Sex: female
Age: 15
Physical Appearance: short dark blue hair that she wears pulled to the right side of her face in a braid. Fringe that covers right eye. Bright yellow/golden eyes, light skin, short, slim
Accessories: wears yellow zip up shirt, suspenders, belt, dark blue short skirt, white stockings and black boots
Personality: Hyperactive and headstrong, has a bit of a temper, and is very loyal to her friends. Is generally a very nice person
Likes: thunderstorms, art, open spaces and books
Dislikes:enclosed spaces, heights, narrow minded people and the dark
History: She grew up in Magnolia Town, a short walk away from the guild. She was the second youngest in her family, aside from her little sister Maya. Her older brother Jace and her father were both guild members in Fairy Tail. Her mother was in a Merchant guild before she met her father and settled down. They lived in a rather large 2 story house, and had quite a lot of money because of what her father and brother brought home from their jobs. She was always being compared to her older brother, who used Celestial magic, though despite this, she loved him very much and always tried to live up to her family's expectations. however being the middle child, she was always overlooked. between his jobs, Jace would always help her with her Lightning magic, which she started practicing when she was 9. However, when she was 13, her brother mysteriously vanished while on a mission. Her father, who was in his 50's by this point, left the guild to spend more time with his family, leaving it to Kirah to provide for her family. Despite what everyone says, she refuses to believe her brother is dead, and part of the reason she joined the guild was to search for him. She has been a member for 2 years, and after a few months formed a team with Gray.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Lightning make
Magic Type: caster, elemental
Magic Techniques: Lightning Bolt (can summon lighting from the sky), Lightning Shield (using a wall of electricity to defend herself), Lightning Nova (an ability she can only use when in trouble. An uncontrollable burst of lighting that explodes, destroying everything in it's path) Lighting Flash (blinds enemies)

Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: A spear named Inazuma, that she uses to channel her power through occasionally
Strengths: Talented fighter, good at thinking fast, talented Lightning Caster, very fast
Weaknesses: Gray reminds her of her brother, so if he is attacked or harmed she will fly into a rage that makes her extremely weak to physical attacks
If she's in a dark place, she will be paralyzed by fear, however this can be easily solved by her Lightning Flash spell
She hates high places even more than the dark, and is almost worst than Natsu when travelling in these situations.
Trisinger Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014

Name: Trisinger Everson
Nickname/Alias/Title: Tetris    Job: S-rank  Title: Aura Mage  Species/Race: Ki:meran
Sex: Male
Age: 8
Physical Appearance: Spiky pinkish hair, orange eyes, fair skin, tall and slim.
Accessories: Wears a red sweatshirt, wears crimson goggles on the top of his head, brown tennis shoes.
Personality: He is scared of practically everything (that is, when he doesn’t have his goggles) and when he does, he goes back to being bubbly and bouncy.

Likes: His crimson goggles, art, books.
Dislikes: Bunnies, people who aren’t creative, bad guys and pollution.
History: Trisinger was not born on Earthland, or Edolas. He lived in another world called Ki:mera, where everyone was creative and peaceful. His father, mother and his siblings lived with him. Soon, as it became clear that Trisnger had power far more powerful than everyone, he went to an academy, where powerful people (mostly kids) where trained. He was six then. Suddenly, a year later, a tribe of intruders known as the Light tribe came to invade Ki:mera. His father gave him the crimson goggles, saying it will protect him. His father went out to war, leaving Trisinger with his family. Aft6er a few hours, his mom went out of the house, saying she’s going to help. Just as she opened the door, a Light tribe member stabs her to death. He then starts to advance on the children, but, at the last second, Trisinger (unconsciously) teleported himself and his younger brother and older sister, and they ended upon Earthland. They were poor, so his older sister looked for a job, and she was just 13. A day later, she mysteriously disappeared leaving the two boys alone. Trisnger managed to feed them both using his powers, until they decided to join a guild, aguild who cares for eveyone, that loves their comrades and protect them.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Aura Make
Magic Type: All
Magic Description: Can change the aura in him (his magic and life force) to any magic he wants.
Magic Techniques: Could use Ice make, Fire Dragonslayer magic, Celestial gates, Ex-quip and all other magic.
Guild: Fairy Tail.
Weapons: A boomerang that can enlarge or shrink.
Strengths: He is good at fighting in terms of magic, and has great stamina and instant healing.

Weaknesses: The opponent could defeat him physically, or by taking away his goggles, making him vulnerable.

Trisinger Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014

Name: Trisinger Everson
Nickname/Alias/Title: Tetris
Sex: Male
Age: 8
Physical Appearance: Spiky pinkish hair, orange eyes, fair skin, tall and slim.
Accessories: Wears a red sweatshirt, wears crimson goggles on the top of his head, brown tennis shoes.
Personality: He is scared of practically everything (that is, when he doesn’t have his goggles) and when he does, he goes back to being bubbly and bouncy.

Likes: His crimson goggles, art, books.
Dislikes: Bunnies, people who aren’t creative, bad guys and pollution.
History: Trisinger was not born on Earthland, or Edolas. He lived in another world called Ki:mera, where everyone was creative and peaceful. His father, mother and his siblings lived with him. Soon, as it became clear that Trisnger had power far more powerful than everyone, he went to an academy, where powerful people (mostly kids) where trained. He was six then. Suddenly, a year later, a tribe of intruders known as the Light tribe came to invade Ki:mera. His father gave him the crimson goggles, saying it will protect him. His father went out to war, leaving Trisinger with his family. Aft6er a few hours, his mom went out of the house, saying she’s going to help. Just as she opened the door, a Light tribe member stabs her to death. He then starts to advance on the children, but, at the last second, Trisinger (unconsciously) teleported himself and his younger brother and older sister, and they ended upon Earthland. They were poor, so his older sister looked for a job, and she was just 13. A day later, she mysteriously disappeared leaving the two boys alone. Trisnger managed to feed them both using his powers, until they decided to join a guild.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Aura Make
Magic Type: All
Magic Description: Can change the aura in him (his magic and life force) to any magic he wants.
Magic Techniques: Could use Ice make, Fire Dragonslayer magic, Celestial gates, Ex-quip and all other magic.
Guild: Fairy Tail.
Weapons: A boomerang that can enlarge or shrink.
Strengths: He is good at fighting in terms of magic, and has great stamina and instant healing.

Weaknesses: The opponent could defeat him physically, or by taking away his goggles, making him vulnerable.

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Name: None

Nickname: Killaz Diaz

 Unknown- but somepeople say he is human with no emotions.

Gender: Male

Age: 17

 S-rank Mage

Guild: Fairy Tail

Appearance: Muscular body, Scar on his chest, Spiky afro hair, Blue trousers, Gold chain, tanned skin.

Magic/Power: Quantum God Slayer. He can bend through space and time. Can create Black holes lower gravity or make it less stronger. He can stop time but it will take more than half of his magic power. Quantum roar will shoot out energy which has stars on it and when it hits the person it explodes.

-Strength: Straightfoward fast attacks. Good Physical fighting too. Good strategies and tactics. Awere of whats happening surround him or his back
-Weakness: Exceeds because he refuses to fight or talk with another specie. He would just let the exceed punch him and beat him.

Personality: This guy has no emotions, sometimes he can be friendly but sometimes he cares about nobody depends on who they are (he can see your intentions and what you have done in the past). He will help his friends even if it means death.

Likes: People with good intensions and Humans.
Dislikes: People with bad intentions and anyother species.
Relations: He hangs out with no one but everybody wants to make him comfortable in the guild. He is recognized as one of the strongest out of all guilds (dark guild not included).

Background: This is a rumour told about him:
It is said that he was born with hatred and pain. Since he was born everyone surround him was negative. He lived in a place which is not in the map. Only his father tought him happines and helping people in need. His mom died in birth. Although his father and him were not rich his father tried everything to look after him. His dad was strong. However, when he was off at work he did not know that his child was surrounded by negativity. The people in that place acted nice towards him but not Diaz. They always tried scaring Diaz and wanted him to leave that place because the people in that place knew he had great power. He refused all the time. He did have emotions back then. But mostly it was sadness. He wanted a normal childs life which he deserved. Thats why when he is 6 he set out to search for help from gods. Then he met him. He met God of Quantum, Vorm. Vorm saw the great power in him and wanted to train Diaz and be his slave. He tought him great magic but all magic was destruction. Not heal not help not defence but only destruction. Diaz didnt realise that back then. Vorm showed him the good side of him altough his evil like no other god. Vorm tried taking over him but he failed. Not because his weak because Diaz's power was not human and there was too much hope in him. His work had gone for nothing. So he set a trap so Diaz is more evil and would not be accepted in everywhere so he will have to go back to Vorm. Vorm knew he would not kill his father. So he captured his father and said that if he dont kill his dad, a city will be destroyed with thousands of lifes. It was a hard time for Diaz. His father said to eliminate his emotions and kill him. That was the last wish of his dad. He did. Vorm was suprised. So he did what he promised and let the city live. That city was Magnolia. Vorm forgot about him because he had no emotions. It was useless. That is why he is called Killaz Diaz. He was able to eliminated his emotions because he was not human.
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Name: Aisu Kaida Tamashii
Nickname/Alias/Title: Snow fairy
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Physical Appearance: Height: 5’7’’, Weight: 110, Eyes: One Black and One Blue, Hair: Black Hair with Blue and White Highlights, Body: Average Body, Facial Features: Scar running from her lower back up to her left shoulder
Accessories: Black and white Tank Top, Black Half-Jacket, White Skinny Jeans, Black Knee-High Combat Boots, Black and White Headsets
Personality: She is Tsundere and doesn’t talk much only to: Wendy, Erza, Laxus, Master Makarov, Gray, Levy and Natsu; She is also friends with Sting and Rogue. She gets annoyed easily when there are fights, but tends to ignore them. Hangings out with Gray and Natsu a lot. She love to play with the Exceeds and Take Wendy and Erza shopping like there her sisters. She’s mostly found sleeping on the roof of the guild because of how quiet it is. She is considered a threat to those who piss her off.
Likes: Shopping with Erza and Wendy, Sleeping, Playing with the exceed, Making Ice Sculptures with Gray, Help Master Makarov with Paper work and bill, reading mythology, Dragons, Her Exceed Luciana, Blood
Dislikes: Annoying People (Mostly Juvia), Crying, Arrogance, Idiots, Those who hurt her Nakamana, being abandoned
History: Aisu was always a Strange child to everyone, Well she was raised by an Ice Dragon. Her Dragon’s Name was Spherion, he was a dragon who disliked humans AND other Dragons. He was mostly lone until he found a small child sleeping in a cave, He took her in. He taught her Speak, Literature, and Most of all magic; he taught her Ice Dragon Slayer Magic and Blood Control Magic when she was ever in Danger. When Aisu woke up on morning Spherion was gone. She had started crying thinking he abandoned her. From there she was on her own, stealing to keep herself alive and attacked anyone who provoked her. She had gotten her scar from thugs who wanted to sell her on the Black Market, but escaped from them. Most people thought she was a cold-blooded monster until she met Master Makarov. He took her in say that she can have more in her life this being a thief. She was concerned for herself, thinking he would give up on her like the rest of the world. He brought her to Fairy Tail and she was completely quiet. Soon after she had become a member of the famous Guild. She met Gray and Natsu and had grown to like him due to the similar magic they had. She enjoyed reading with Levy about Different forms of Mythology. She only smiled when she was with her friends. When others were around her, she stayed emotionless to them. The Master found out you had a Scar across your back and took you to Porlyusica. He asked her to heal the Scar, but it was beyond what she knew. Years have passed since you were in the Guild and you eventually became an S-Class Mage, plus there were a lot of new members such as: Lucy, Wendy, Carla, Juvia, and Gajeel. You actually enjoyed Wendy’s company, you thought of her as a little sister not wanting anything to her; Her Exceed Carla and Aisu’s Exceed Luciana got along very well. Juvia was annoying to her talking about her precious “Gray-sama” which irritated you. Lucy was alright, but after she lied about herself to the guild; how could she trust her, but if Natsu’s her Best Friend then she was okay with her. Gajeel was kind of an Asshole to you, thinking he was better than you; she didn’t really care. Surprisingly she was very good friends with Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney, Right after the S-Class Exam she met them and befriended them. She later also starts dating Gray Fullbuster.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Ice Dragon Slayer and Blood Control (Hidden from Everyone)
Magic Type: Ice and Blood
Magic Description: Aisu has Blood control Magic. Ice Dragon Slayer Magic…
Magic Techniques: Dragon’s Secret Technique: Frost-Storm of the Northern Winds
SAMPLE POST: Blood Control Magic is somewhat like Blood-Bending from Avatar the Last Air bender, she can use it to every whim and abuse the blood. She can stop Blood Flow, Control the Body, and Crush your internal Organs.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: Frost-bitten Bow and Arrows
Strengths: She clears her mind so that no one can defeat her mentally. As long as she has her friends with her, she’ll win any fight.
Weaknesses: Wendy, if you attack her Aisu won’t hesitate to get her back at any cost, even her own life. Her Mental State of Mind, If you can get into her head and confuse her or bring up a bad memory she will not think straight and it’ll be her unenviable defeat.
Magic Value: (Look below)
Physical Value: (For now, don't worry about this value. It will be detailed on in the character improvement journal. You get 2 numbers, a magic value and a physical value. They relate to your character's combat capabilities. You receive a total of 10 points as a newbie, and you can dish these points out to each stat. You have to give at least one in each category, and it basically determines your strength in that area. It will be detailed further in the Character Improvement Journal)

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Personal Information

Name: Kaye Amadahy

Nickname/Alias/Title: Nickname: none, Title: Water dragon slayer

Sex: Female

Age: 16 yrs.

Physical Appearance: Hair: is long curly/wavy golden brown hair usually loose, has a slightly rounded head, Eye color Hazel (but green is fine) height is 5’4, slim but not petite and a curved figure, has pale skin, weight its 115 lbs., slightly antisocial, looks slightly annoyed half the time, has a long faded burn over her right arm.

Accessories: long sleeved shirt usually dark blue or purple, with gray short-shorts, tall brown boots, and a small blue over the shoulder bag.

Personality: Most of the time she scowls at people and is in a bit of a sour mood. Only happy when around friends but it caring despite her cold look. 

Likes: Reading, drawing, going on jobs, intimidating people, and being with friends

Dislikes: annoying bastards, most other people, mornings, avocadoes and people who try to hurt her friends

History: Up until she was 8 she learned and lived with her foster mother Watatsumi the sea dragon (whom she learned dragon slayer magic from) when she mysteriously disappeared in the year X777. After her dragons disappearance she wandered around the beach she lived by until a fisherman found her near death on the beach. He took her back to his cottage where he and his elderly wife lived. Their children had already grown up and left the tiny cottage so the she was glad to have a child to care for. After two quiet years of living with the fisherman one terrible night, the small cottage caught fire, since she had a very keen sense of smell she smelt the fire and woke up, and tried desperately to wake up the fisherman, but one of the supporting beams landed on her right arm giving her a huge burn. Crying she ran away from the house collapsed into the nearby sea. The next morning when she woke up she was in the middle of the ocean and had been swept out to sea by the tide during the night. She looked around trying to see if there was a piece of land near by. But she couldn’t see anything. She started crying and wished that she could see Watatsumi again. She dived down to the bottom of the ocean using her dragon slayer magic to provide air, she searched to see any signs of Watatsumi but after hours of searching she couldn’t find anything. By then she was really tired and the water couldn’t sustain her fatigue anymore. She fell asleep again promising to find Watatsumi in the morning, but when she woke up next she was washed up on the shore of a huge town. She decided to ask some of the towns people of they had seen a dragon recently, but they all laughed at her and told her to go home. On the verge of tears she ran into the nearest building, which happened to be a wizard guild. A small man she’d heard his name was Makarov helped her to feel a little better. Since she had nowhere else to go she decided to stay in the guild building and she jouned the guild there, named Fairy tail. Seven years later she’s working twords being an s-class mage and is still working tword finding Watatsumi. Her two other team mates are Jason Kaitman who is a caster mage specializing in earth magic, Maka Reivan who specializes in solid script magic and runes.  
Magic and Combat Information

Magic Name: Water dragon slayer magic

Magic Type: caster, Elemental

Magic Description: Water…   

Magic Techniques: Water blaster, Water fist of the water dragon, Wing slash of the water dragon, Pillar of the water dragon, Water dragons roar, Sword edge of the water dragon, Water dragons crushing fangs, Water dragons claw, Water Nebula, and Hurricane…

SAMPLE POST: hurricane is the strongest magic she can use and is a last resort magic and is only used when her life is in serious danger.


Weapons: None

Strengths: She’s good at aiming and dodging and is strong wiled so she doesn’t give up and will always protect her friends

Weaknesses: Not very good at sticking to a plan but can make stuff up on the spot, if one of her friends is threatened she’ll come running.

(Sorry if this is really bad I'm new at character making Sweating a little... )
Magic Value: (Look below)

    Physical Value: (For now, don't worry about this value. It will be detailed on in the character improvement journal. You get 2 numbers, a magic value and a physical value. They relate to your character's combat capabilities. You receive a total of 10 points as a newbie, and you can dish these points out to each stat. You have to give at least one in each category, and it basically determines your strength in that area. It will be detailed further in the Character Improvement Journal) 

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wait so we can't have an exceed like Happy as the partner of our charachter?
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Name: Reiner Lettwce
Nickname/Alias/Title: None
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Physical Appearance: 5'5 ft and 110 lbs, shoulder long curly chestnut hair, pale skin and green eyes
Accessories: Dark green shirt and black jeans. When leaving the guild headquarters he always wears a purple coat who he thinks brings luck
Personality: Kind and caring,forms strong bonds. He also has the tendency to get a crush on evry girls he sees. Seemingly weak he understands that without the help of others he would fail so his self esteem is missing but that doesn't stop him from trying his best to aid his comrades in battle
Likes: Creating strategies and reading books
Dislikes: Selfish people, harsh training and being left alone
History: Since born he dreamed about becoming one of the Ten Wizard Saints so he decided to join Lamia Scale and become Jura's disciple. However Jura refused stating that he is not a good teacher leaving Reiner to train by himself.Leaving Reiner to think that he is weak and helpless. He then later formed a team with the other two fresh rookies an unnamed boy with a cat mask known only as ,,Sunny'' for his light magic and Marcus Horhota who apparently is Toby's long lost younger brother.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Terrain Effect Magic
Magic Type: Elemental
Magic Description: Terrain Magic -…
Illusion Magic -…
Magic Techniques:
Guild: Lamia Scale, the mark is dark green and it's located on the right hand
Weapons: A staff made of obsidian
Strengths: He is extremly good atcreating traps and often uses his illusion magic to confuse the enemy allowing his teammates to attack with ease
Weaknesses: He is very fragile and doesn't have any hand to hand combat ability so he has to rely on his friends power
Magic Value: (Look below)
Physical Value: (For now, don't worry about this value. It will be detailed on in the character improvement journal. You get 2 numbers, a magic value and a physical value. They relate to your character's combat capabilities. You receive a total of 10 points as a newbie, and you can dish these points out to each stat. You have to give at least one in each category, and it basically determines your strength in that area. It will be detailed further in the Character Improvement Journal)
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Personal Information
Name: Kazuki Nakamura
Nickname/Alias/Title: None
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: Crimson hair (bangs), raven hair (rest of hair) red-violet eyes, fit, 5'5, small(cuteish) mole under her right eye, scar on her lips, weight 118
Accessories: Wears a blue and black hoodie, green knee high jeans, rose earrings 
Personality: She relys heavily on their intuitions to guide her, and use her discoveries to constantly search for value in life. She is on a continuous mission to find the truth and meaning underlying things. Every encounter and every piece of knowledge gained gets sifted through Kazki's value system, and is evaluated to see if it has any potential to help Kazuki define or refine her own path in life. The goal at the end of the path is always the same - the Kazuki is driven to help people and make the world a better place.Generally thoughtful and considerate, Kazuki is a good listener and put people at ease. Although they may be reserved in expressing emotion, she has a very deep well of caring and are genuinely interested in understanding people. This sincerity is sensed by others, making Kazuki a valued friend and confidante.Kazuki can be quite warm with people she knows well.

Kazuki does not like conflict, and go to great lengths to avoid it. If she must face it, they will always approach it from the perspective of her feelings. In conflict situations, Kazuki place little importance on who is right and who is wrong. She focuses on the way that the conflict makes her feel, and indeed don't really care whether or not she's right. She don't want to feel badly. This trait sometimes makes her appear irrational and illogical in conflict situations. On the other hand, Kazuki is very good mediator, and is typically good at solving other people's conflicts, because she intuitively understand people's perspectives and feelings, and genuinely want to help them.

Kazuki is flexible and laid-back, until one of her values is violated. In the face of her value system being threatened, Risa can become aggressive defenders, fighting passionately for their cause. When an Kazuki has adopted a project or job which she's interested in, it usually becomes a "cause" for her. Although she is not detail-oriented individuals, she will cover every possible detail with determination and vigor when working for her "cause".

When it comes to the mundane details of life maintenance, Kazuki is typically completely unaware of such things. She might go for long periods without noticing a stain on the carpet, but carefully and meticulously brush a speck of dust off of their project booklet.

Kazuki does not like to deal with hard facts and logic. Her focus on her feelings and the Human Condition makes it difficult for her to deal with impersonal judgment. She don't understand or believe in the validity of impersonal judgment, which makes them naturally rather ineffective at using it. Moslyt she will avoid impersonal analysis, although some have developed this ability and are able to be quite logical. Under stress, it's not uncommon for Kazuki to mis-use hard logic in the heat of anger, throwing out fact after (often inaccurate) fact in an emotional outburst.

Kazuki has very high standards and are perfectionists. Consequently, they are usually hard on themselves, and don't give themselves enough credit. 
Kazuki may have problems working on a project in a group, because her standards are likely to be higher than other members' of the group. In group situations, she may have a "control" problem. She needs to work on balancing her high ideals with the requirements of every day living. Without resolving this conflict, she will never be happy with herself, and she may become confused and paralyzed about what to do with her life.

Kazuki is usually a talented writer. She may be awkard and uncomfortable with expressing herself verbally, but have a wonderful ability to define and express what she's feeling on paper.Kazuki  also appears frequently in social service professions, such as counselling or teaching. She is at their best in situations where she is working towards the public good, and in which she don't need to use hard logic.
~Apple sauce
~Laying in the moonlight
~Loud Things
History:As a little girl, she was abandoned like most kids in her village.Since her mother and father left no trace of their existence, Kazuki was trained by herself.She taught herself how to fight and eventually became the village's most wanted delinquent.So, shunned from everyone but her pet Lilya, she ran from the little village and escaped to a desolate area with limited amount of tree and met a mage called Kimino.After 9 years, She mastered the Purple Flame skill.Kimino unfortunately died in a murder with no trace of the murderer.On that day on 777, Kazuki swore on her "master's"(what she called Kimino) grave that she would find them and kill them.From that day forward, she has been hunting the Blue Scissor blade left in her "Masters" chest.

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: Eyes of Possession, Purple Flame/Flare
Magic Type: Caster , Holder Magic
Magic Description: Eyes of Possession…
Purple Flare/Flame -…
Magic Techniques: ||Dunno, o mostly like the links||
Guild: N/A
Weapons: Gold Dagger, Blue Scissor Blade
Strengths: Hold good Duration, mostly uses her weakness to better fighting
Weaknesses: If you stab/hit her in the left leg of back of the neck, is stuns her for a second, if her hit there again she crurls up for an amount of a time unable to fight because of crying and stun
Magic Value: (Look below)
Physical Value: (For now, don't worry about this value. It will be detailed on in the character improvement journal. You get 2 numbers, a magic value and a physical value. They relate to your character's combat capabilities. You receive a total of 10 points as a newbie, and you can dish these points out to each stat. You have to give at least one in each category, and it basically determines your strength in that area. It will be detailed further in the Character Improvement Journal)
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