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February 5, 2011


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:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow: Welcome to the Character Creation Journal For #FairyTailFantasy :bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletorange:

In order to create a character, there are several items that need to be discussed.

:bulletblack:CHARACTER RESTRICTIONS:bulletblack:
-First off, due to Fairy Tail revolving around Magic, just about any kind of magic can be used. If you can think it up and explain it well enough in words for an admin to understand, you're good.

-No magic, however, that is inherently God-mod, such as immortality, invincibility, etc., will be allowed. Everything has a weakness, and YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION.

-Please, oh PLEASE, don't make any Mary-Sues. Make your characters realistic in their actions and personality. Don't go saying that their entire family was killed in cold blood, and making them completely cheerful ALL THE TIME. Have them make sense.

-Your character sheet should reflect hard work and effort; it should be detailed and make sense. Your character will be the bridge to the rest of the Fairy Tail Universe in the room, so there should be no half-assed sheets submitted. If there are, then you WILL BE ASKED to work harder. But do keep in mind that length doesn't equate to effort, spelling, grammar, originality, and plain thought all count too.

-There are several LIMITED types of magic. First are DRAGON SLAYERS. Dragon Slayer magic is very powerful, and will only be given to those who are deemed capable of wielding it without Godmodding. Second, please don't use magic from the arc that is currently occurring. Wait until the arc is finished and we know all about the magic before making any characters. Celestial gates magic is limited. If you make a gates user, the zodiac keys are non-existent in this universe. Instead, you can have custom keys that summon other powerful beasts.

-Give your character strengths and weaknesses based on their rank. A rookie in a guild would NOT have the same powered magic as an S ranked mage.

-No animals, or any type of creature other than humans. Period.

-You only need a single approval from an admin in order to rp, but please, don't start rping BEFORE you're accepted. It'd be a good idea to let your guild master have a look at the sheet as well. Also, admins, please POST your approval in a comment on their sheet in order give hard evidence of your approval.

-A piece of advice: give your character a theme, and several quirks. A theme helps tie the character together, and quirks make RPing a whole lot more fun.

:bulletblack:The Character Template:bulletblack:
You don't have to use this exact formatting, but please include everything shown. Also, please copy it down into a journal entry, and post the link as a comment. This will save space, and it will be easier to edit your character upon a promotion or if changes need to be made.

Personal Information
Name: (Simple enough)
Nickname/Alias/Title: (Here goes nicknames, aliases, or titles. Self-explanatory)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Age: (Nobody would recruit a toddler to a guild, and please keep the age reasonable. No 500 year olds please)
Physical Appearance: (General information about your character including hair color, facial features, eye color, body build, height, weight, etc.)
Accessories: (Clothing, and anything else that they wear that isn't attached to their body. If it could count as a weapon, leave it until said section)
Personality: (Please be detailed and specific. Try to match it with the history so it makes sense)
Likes: (Self explanatory)
Dislikes: (Self explanatory)
History: (Please, dear god, PLEASE be detailed. Tell everything you can think of that was important in their lives before the present day. It should be at least a dozen sentences, longer if your character is older)

Magic and Combat Information
Magic Name: (Dragon slayer magic, Celestial Gates, Ex-quip, etc. Give your magic an original, creative name)
Magic Type: (Elemental, supplementary, etc.)
Magic Description: (DETAILED description of what exactly your magic is. If you are using a canon type of magic, then give a link to the Fairy Tail Wiki page)
Magic Techniques: (Special techniques using your character's magic)
SAMPLE POST: (A sample post in which you show how your magic would work. It's optional, but it WILL help explain if your magic is complicated)
Guild: (What guild are you going to join? If you're remaining unaffiliated, state so)
Weapons: (Any weapons your character is in possession of)
Strengths: (What is your character good at? What makes them a good fighter?)
Weaknesses: (What could your opponent possibly do to defeat your character in battle? Must be exploitable weaknesses)
Magic Value: (Look below)
Physical Value: (For now, don't worry about this value. It will be detailed on in the character improvement journal. You get 2 numbers, a magic value and a physical value. They relate to your character's combat capabilities. You receive a total of 10 points as a newbie, and you can dish these points out to each stat. You have to give at least one in each category, and it basically determines your strength in that area. It will be detailed further in the Character Improvement Journal)
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JoshuaDragneel Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
Woah faces. :D :) XD :( :P D: i:
JoshuaDragneel Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
Personal Information

Name: Joshua Dragneel
Nickname: The Fire Eater
Sex: Male
Age: 14
Physical Apperance: Has black hair with shades of pink, red eyes, height is 6.4, 150 pds.
Accessories: A dark black hoodie and dark black pants with a white scarf that consumes any life threating magic.
Personality: Kind, helpful, and queit.
Likes: Fighting, Reading, and eatting fire
Dislikes: People who pick on his friends.
History: Joshua Dragneel had a tough life. His parents kicked him out when he was a baby. A fire dragon named Igneel took him in. Igneel trained Joshua to learn Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. When Joshua was 6 he almot knew all the basic Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. When Joshua was seven he woke up he didn't see Igneel anywhere. Joshua was cring he lost the only person in the world that cared about him. When he was still seven he joined Fairy Tail and became a wizard. Seven years has passed since Igneel left. One day he says he'll find Igneel.

Magic and Combat Information

Magic Name: Dragon Slayer Magic
Magic Type: Fire and Lightning
Magic Techniques: Can use any Lightning and Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and some times can use both at the same time.
Magic Description: When eats fire or lightning gains more magic energy and gets stronger.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Strenghts: If eats fire or lightning stronger and gains Magic Power, If there's a magic that can kill him his scarf will protect him, if Joshua eats Atlas Fire he becomes very very strong, and very fast.
Weaknesses: Fairy easy to defeat him in a fist fight if he loses his Magic Power IF you can hit him. If scarf goes black he needs a healer to make it white again or If he gets hit with another hit that's life threatning it will hit him because the scarf consumed all it could hold or if that doesn't happen he could fall and pass out.

Hope you enjoyed my email is and I hope you'll confirm it! :D
JoshuaDragneel Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
-_- *Face palms* I forgot to submit it.
JoshuaDragneel Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
Personal Information

Name: Joshua Dragneel
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Physical Aperance: Has black hair and shades of pink, red eyes and one eye is scratched, 6.4, 150 Pds.
Accessories: Wears a dark black hoodie and dark black hoodie. Has a scarf that's consumes magic that is harmful to the owner and turns black.
Personality: Kind, Helpful, and queit
Likes: Fighting, helping, reading, and fire
Dislikes: People on his friends and hates the army
History: Joshua Dragneel had a tough life. When he was six years old his parents kicked him out of the house. The reason they did that because they were poor and wanted the food for themselves. A dragon named Igneel raised him. when he was twelve years old Igneel trained Joshua Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. When Joshua was 14 the army killed Igneel for his magic power. His last words were "Use your magic wisely my son." Ever since that day he has never forgotten Igneel's last words. He had to run the army were tring to kill him for his magic power. One day he had no other choice, he had to fight. He used his Dragon Slayer Magic to defeat them. Almost everything around him were burned or still burning. He knew what Igneel meant now, any source of magic can be used for destruction, it could be harmful to people, towns, and cities. Then he was tired of running, he moved to Mongolia to live a life at Fairy Tail so he didn't have to run away anymore, but when ever he thinks of Igneel he becomes angry and sad because he couldn't do anything to save Igneel.

Magic Information

Magic Name: Dragon Slayer Magic
Magic Type: Lightning and fire
Magic Techniques: When eats fire or lightning gains more magic energy and becomes stronger.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Strengths: If eats fire or ligning becomes stronger, if you hurt one of his friends he becomes stronger and angry. When he eats Atlas fire he becomes very very strong. When he fights another Dragon Slayer he remembers Igneel and becomes stronger.
Weaknesses: Has motion sickness and when fights another Dragon Slayer he remembers Igneel and becomes weaker. Fairy easy to defeat in a fist fight, that is if you can hit him.
JoshuaDragneel Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
Because I think we do. ;-;
JoshuaDragneel Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
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UnicornMagic247 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014
Personal Info.
Name: Nightfall Serenity
Nickname: Spirit
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Physical Appearance: Long brown hair with purple tips that is tied into a pony tail with a black ribbon , dark purple eyes, slim, sorta short but not too short, also has side bangs, silver ornament sorta like an elven crown with a light blue gem with a swirling purple mist inside around her head.
Accessories: Dark purple mini dress with black angry eyes on the front, black high heel boots
Personality:Hyper and mean around her friends but usually quiet and gentle in public. When angered she likes to take measures into her own hands. Loves to eat food (Any type of food that she likes). Has a very bad temper.
Likes: Candy, Food, Animals, Games, Arts, Scaring People
Dislikes: Heights, Jerks, Annoying People, Hunters, Poachers and Wasted Food.
History: She was born and raised in Magnolia, but when her parents were taken away to work on the Paradise Tower when she was only 7 she ran far away. When she got to that far away place she stayed in a city for three days. After those three days the city was then attacked by Deliora. However, Deliora shed a drop of blood which landed on her. After three more days her unconscious body laid there on the cold stone until she was finally awoken by a younger Mystogan she begun to realize she was given magic powers. Her training begun soon after she was found. Her and Mystogan became very close, but when the day to join a guild came on her 15th birthday both Mystogan and Nightfall found Fairy Tail in the very same place she remembered. On that very same day her and a new friend Erza went out in search of friends and family that was taken away to go to Paradise Tower.

Magic and Combat Info.
Magic Name: Soul Shift
Magic Type: Elemental Caster
Magic Description: It's like Make Magic Just saying a different thing.…
Magic Techniques: She uses her magic by putting out her hand palm facing in front, behind, upwards or downwards to cast the spell.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Weapons: Wooden Staff with a light blue gem with a purple swirl inside.
Strengths: Very powerful when she loses her temper.
Weaknesses: Being tickled.
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